Fashion Doll Friday: Hawaii Skipper 1999

Today’s Friday Girl is once again provided by Naomi from her long stored away collection of Barbie and friends. We both liked teen Skipper who does look a lot more like Barbie’s sister than the current Skippers although I do like the closed-mouth, dark-haired Skipper too.

This one we think is Hawaii Skipper from 1999. Naomi remembers that her teen Skippers were mostly beach dolls and as I’ve mentioned we started collecting around the late 90s so a lot of our early dolls are from 1997-99.

Skipper is wearing a Fashion Avenue Skipper fashion outfit from 1999 called Teen Talk.



  1. Skipper does look all grown up and there’s a definite resemblance to Barbie. It would be interesting to see a photo of teen Skipper and Barbie together. I didn’t realize Skipper had nice FA outfits like this so did a little search online. I was surprised by how many FA outfits were made for Skipper.

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    • Yes there were some very nice little outfits and we have a few of them so we msut show them some time with our Skippers. Model Muse can wear Skipper’s outfits quite well too.


  2. Reminds me of a Skipper I used as the Olson twins younger sister Elizabeth who’s also an actress. I don’t think I have any newer Skipper’s. I will have to check out the Fashion Avenue outfits as they might be suitable for my Ginny Weasly I upgraded to a 11″ very slim/ more articulated/asian body. Even Mc Gonigal standard but slim body is loose fit in older 90’s fashion avenue/etc stuff.


  3. Love the Model muse bodies , used one for an extra Posh Spice head/Victoria Beckham doll I put fancy fashions on..only trouble is the big feet.I also have Wrestling gals w/ big feet that can’t even wear Kens shoes because they are arched.Btw, say Skippers outfit on e-bay foe around $25, U.S.

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  4. you are so right..I found some tea sets with a Barbie dress and Kelly dress for $3, now I will be searching doll cases for Kelly to get an upgrade. I may well do more shopping at the big Goodwill store for secret Santa this year as I can still find nice 90’s dolls for around $15.Found a President Barbie with two outfits, two pairs of shoes! (Very like my Avon Barbie but more vibrant make-up.) But she was so pretty I hade to make her part of my doll family.

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