Becky Friend of Barbie


Becky (friend of Barbie) School Photographer


This is Becky the “I’m the school photographer” doll made as one of Barbie’s friends. Becky comes with her wheelchair, camera, sunnies and a book. There is also a hair brush for keeping her hair tidy. Back in the nineties most of the dolls had one of these plastic hair brushes. She also has a bag on the back of her wheelchair to keep her things in. As you can see from the graphics on the box she came out not long after Cool Blue Barbie. Barbie and her friends each had corduroy overalls in different colours. Here on Becky’s box you can see Barbie in her blue ones. Becky comes wearing her own outfit, jeans, sneakers, T shirt with a checked shirt over the top. The Barbies came out in 1997 while Becky joined them in 1998. This Becky was made in China. There is an earlier Becky called Becky Share a Smile but she is not  quite as pretty as this edition. The earlier one bares some resemblance to Midge in my opinion who was always rather a plain looking doll. This is only my opinion and it’s all a matter of taste. So if you are into Midge that’s great. I actually do have a vintage Midge in my collection. I am getting off track again here so getting back to Becky there was also a Becky from 1999. She was a paralympic champion doll. These are the only Beckys I know of. I’m not sure if they continued to make her after the 1999 paralympic doll. 



  1. First, I have to say that I do like Midge dolls so I chuckled when I read your comments about plain Midge. It’s true that the vintage Midge dolls are rather plain – couldn’t have her outshining Barbie! – but I like the Midge dolls from the 1980s with the vibrant red hair and freckles.
    But, back to Becky … I usually debox dolls, but this is one of the boxes where I can see it makes sense to leave the doll in the box. That’s a very nice background scene. There was a Most Mod Party Becky doll (without wheelchair) in 2009, but here’s an interesting article about Becky and her wheelchair:

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  2. That’s very interesting. I would not have thought that it would be that hard to redesign the wheelchair but weren’t they also making the assumption that every child who had Barbie would have the Dreamhouse too. There was plenty of opportunities to play with her outside of the house. It seems rather as if they just lost interest in the idea.

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  3. I’ve always wished I’d bought the Paralympic Becky when she came out. These days she’s so hard to find (and overpriced otherwise).

    I’ve always found it surprising that they haven’t released any newer wheelchair accessories even if they gave up on the doll. Especially considering that Mattel has released wheelchairs and wheelchair-using dolls under their other brands like American Girl and Monster High.

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  4. I remember this doll coming out. It seemed to disappear quickly. I have two of the Cool Blue dolls from that time period, though. One in the over-alls, which reminded me of the 70’s era, and one in a skirt outfit.

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  5. The Blonde Family corners gal 3/4″ tall doll was named Becky, So was a Francie /Nancy Drew looking doll that was on 1971 packages as Francies friend but never made it into production. I think they may have made her as a reproduction doll though (2009). She has a much more mod look than the “prototype.There is a modern doll Becky in the ww (wrestling line) for Mattel.

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  6. I love my Red wheel chair version. Even my Christopher Reeve doll used it as The scale ones available on line were over a hundred dollars. We only ever used it with a ramp. None of our doll hoses ever had stairs. Why didn’t they have those drop seats by the wall with a crank like you see on t.v…I agree w/ Naomi there are people around w/ too many hang-ups..

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  7. What a lovely doll and accessories. I applaud the inclusiveness and agree it’s a shame they didn’t release more Beckys. At least they are releasing a wide variety of Fashionistas: different ethnicities, shapes, heights.

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  8. I feel I should point out the newest line of Fashionistas due out for fall 2019 includes a doll with a prosthetic leg and I believe another in a redesigned wheelchair. Mattel is working on inclusivity again with Barbie. There were previews on the BarbieStyle instagram as well of an AA doll with vitiligo who will be part of the same line as the aforementioned two dolls.

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  9. I never heard of them either. We will have to see if they show up on You Tube later on. thanks for the info.


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