Invasion of the Guys

Mark by Pedigree

This is Mark one of Sindy’s friends. Vanda and I both think he looks like Cliff Richard. Maybe that was why I liked him as I always thought Cliff was nice looking and I liked his music from the 70s and 80s. I am getting off track as usual. I have a few male dolls from the the Sindy range so I thought it was time to post some pictures of them. I am going to let Vanda tell you all about them though as Sindy is her thing. As you can see he is wearing his original outfit and was only taken from the box to look at and take the photos. I apologise for the state of the boxes in these photos. They have all sadly deteriorate with age. Once we move I plan to debox and display them where they can be enjoyed. Although this is my “Invasion” guy I am now handing over to Vanda so she can add something about Mark’s history and relation to Sindy. 

OK, well Mark made his first and as far as I know, only, appearance in 1986. He was one of two new Sindy friends, the other was called Marie. As well as being issued separately Mark and Marie were also issued as the “Royal Wedding Gift Set”. This was to celebrate the wedding of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York to Sarah Ferguson. He is marked Pedigree Toys & dolls LTD  on his lower back.

I managed to find one other version of Mark from 1986. Jazz Dance Mark, wearing aqua pants and a white T-shirt with pink and aqua diagonal stripes. 1986 was the last year that Pedigree produced Sindy and her friends. Although I know that Hasbro re-designed Paul after they took over in 1987 I don’t believe that they produced a version of Mark. -scroll down the page to see



    • Yes I took Vanda home on Saturday and she is all settled back in with Cindy and Polly. I went back there again yesterday and we did some tidying up before taking Cindy to the park for a run. It’s nice to see Vanda back in her own home. They are still patrolling for fires so it’s not completely over yet but at the moment the weather has settled so hoping all will be fine.


  1. Great news, there’s nothing like home and being in your own bed and having access to all your stuff. Viligence is still required, hope weather stabilizes to a normal and safe state.

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    • Thank you for your good wishes. We are so grateful that Vanda is safe and able to return to her home again. There were some others not so fortunate who lost homes in the area. Hoping to hear news of them to see how they are getting along. We plan to help if we can even in a small way.


  2. I am very glad to be home too although grateful to my friends Ally and Matt who took me, Cindy and Polly in for nearly two weeks. I am very lucky as my house was safe, the fires came very near to some of my local friend’s homes but thankfully none of them lost anything either. If you read the posts I wrote on Our Other Blog you can see a link to the fire services map showing the areas under alert. Our little town of Geeveston was very lucky as on the worst day of the fires they had spread all around the outskirts of the town. Hotter weather and a change in the wind direction and things could have been much, much worse. My next doll project will be to photograph and catalogue the entire collection in case this ever happens again.

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    • Much to be thankful for, especially such good friends. Time to plan ahead and re-access insurance needs. Best wishes for the sale of your home. Where I am in the Northeast of America, we had excessive rain fall in November and frigid winter temperatures now.

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  3. So glad you’re back safely in your own home, Vanda! As Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz says, “There’s no place like home.” Maybe you’ll inspire the rest of us with your doll photography/inventory project.
    I didn’t know about Sindy’s friend Mark. Very interesting to see what he looks like and he does resemble Cliff Richard. It’s especially nice to see the original clothes and box.

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  4. Glad prayers were answered, fire season nearly year round here, and as we are getting more rain there will be more brush fires this summer. I think your idea of photo’s and catalogue, great idea. I think there was some good ideas on Flickr/you-tube w/ A Thousand Splendid dolls. A great idea if nop other reason as figuring out how many dolls/action figures I still have/will keep/donate-or re-home. So glad you are home. God bless you and Naomi.

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