Fashion Doll Friday: Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has been and gone in Australia but for some of you, it will still be February 14th when you read this post so as I have in other years today’s Friday Post is a couples photo.

Here are Kate and Tom, they used to date when they were younger and have only just met again after several years. Will sparks fly? We don’t know, but stranger things have happened.

Kate is Black Basics Barbie #01, Tom is Naomi’s own creation, she has styled an articulated male fashion doll from China with a platinum blonde wig.



  1. Welcome back Vanda. Great to see a couple for Valentine’s Day. Kate looks like a nice girl while Tom looks like a bad boy. Let’s see what happens.


  2. Classic pairing, love the Ooak styling for Tom.. looks like he could be a headliner, vocalist/musician or artist.. does Kate have a model muse body.. she looks so tall in her frilly dress and shoes.


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