Bunty & Melissa

Having hit Sydney with a bang the girls want to get out on the town and go clubbing. They love to see all the best bands and to meet cute guys. As you can see they are more than ready to dance the night away. Look out Sydney! Melissa’s brother Mal is currently playing in Sydney with his new band The Fatalists so they are planning to surprise him at the gig. 

Bunty is wearing a home made dress I picked up somewhere with some other things. It is very well made and untagged but it is a very tiny dress. I had to cut a small slit in it so Bunty could wriggle into it. I think it looks very nice on her. Melissa is wearing an original Skipper outfit. She has elected to wear boots as it is more her style. I am not sure what shoes originally went with her outfit as I could not find a photo of it.




    • Bunty is wearing some flat black shoes so maybe they are the ones from the outfit as I definitely bought it new at the shops. I have a few pairs of Skipper shoes like them too in different colours.

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  1. Animal print outfit; 1994 Skipper Teen Time Fashions #68028-91, it came with black flats. Found pic on A Thousand Splendid Dolls, Flickr, Albums, Skipper. Cute outfits. Wish I had more Skipper outfits.

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  2. Bunty looks like Flavas city something.. My daughter had one w/ braided hair/street type wear..hope the girls have fun.


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