Galba – Baby Lolly Pops

Here is a little doll who we thought was older than he actually is. Naomi found him in the same shop where she bought BND Caroline but as he is tiny he was packed away with some other things and she only found him and brought him to me recently.

He is about 14cms long from the seam on the top of his head to his heels. He has molded hair and painted eyes and is made of soft plastic. His clothing which is original is glued on.

We didn’t know what he was but he had a nice clear doll mark, a stork carrying a baby and underneath “made in Italy”. It didn’t take long to find the mark on It is the mark of the Galba company. When I did a Google search for Galba baby dolls I found “Baby Lolly Pops” who was made in the early 1970s and came with his own school desk. To be honest, I am not sure why a baby doll has a school desk, a high chair would have been more appropriate.

Galba Stork Mark

So far I’ve not been able to find out a great deal about the Galba company. I did read that some dolls and accessories were issued jointly with other Italian companies such as Galetti and Baravelli. There is a nice range of dolls house furniture labeled Galba Galetti. If I manage to learn more about any of these companies I will include it on our Italian Dolls page.

Galba Baby is 14cms tall
Galba Baby Lolly Pop circa 1970s



  1. It’s always interesting to read about the Italian-made dolls. Such a shame that the company used glue to attach the clothes when a few simple stitches would have sufficed. But, Baby Lolly Pops still looks cheerful. πŸ™‚

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