Spring Break

This is a Skipper outfit called Spring Break. I think this outfit came out in the year 2000. This outfit is complete and being worn by one of my beach Skippers. Sorry she does not have a name. I can’t remember what I called her so I will probably rename her sometime. She was only recently brought to the surface of my doll trunk along with all the Skipper and Stacey outfits. I have spent some time tidying them up today and reuniting shoes and bags etc. Turned out to be a fun job as there were a lot of other shoes in the box and I have no idea whose they are or where they came from. Some are obviously Kelly shoes while others look vintage so I will have to try to identify them. I used to buy quite a few grab bags at one time when I frequented the Sunday markets in Adelaide. I also found a few vintage outfit bits so I’ll try to clean them up and show them another time.For now here is Skipper in Spring Break. I think it is a very nice outfit making Skipper look casual but also an outfit she can wear almost anywhere.




  1. I’m thinking of calling this girl Olivia (Livvy) because she makes me think of OLJ from her Grease days. I thought of the name when she was still wearing the pink outfit. She looks like the Sandra Dee good girl type they made fun of in the movie.


  2. Very nice detailing on the jean jacket and another great name for an outfit. I chuckled over your comments about naming Olivia, but it’s so true. She does look like a good girl type. You could have some fun transforming her into one of the wild girls. 🙂

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  3. Fun, fresh outfit. Like the red stitching detail on jacket to tie in the color. Would be a hoot to see her transformed into black ensemble, oh Sandy!

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