Tutti’s Summer House

Tutti’s Summer House

Going back to Christmas 2017 Vanda gave me Tutti’s Playhouse. I’ve never shown this before so decided it was time it came out for a blog. The house is very colourful and has some wonderful graphics on each side as well as inside. The house opens up at the side to reveal the colourful inside depicting Tutti’s cosy little home. There is a dressing table and pictures on the far wall while there is a kitchen cabinet on another wall. There is a low bed fixed to the floor. The roof folds down creating a play space with a stone patio leading to Tutti’s blow up raft on the beach. This house has the same registration marks as Tutti’s Play Case and is dated from 1965. I found that the price range varied quite a lot online while I was looking for more information about these play cases for Tutti. One like this had sold for US $25 while other play cases were up to over US$100 They all varied in condition. It really pays to shop around to get a good price.

You can find some nice pictures of all of Tutti’s doll cases at barbielistholland.wordpress.com There are a lot of really good pictures of the doll cases and all things Barbie for those who would like to check this out who haven’t already. I tried to find pictures of the accessories for this Summer House but wasn’t able to do so. I imagine there would have been some little chairs and a table at least. I haven’t got them.Here are a few pictures I took of the house that I have. I’m sure a lot of little girls would have enjoyed playing with this one or some of the others back in the 1960s.





  1. I want that summer house! Great open fire, bear, skunk, and lake–it’s a death house for toddlers like Tutti and Todd! I would have loved that as a little girl.


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