Fashion Doll Friday: Ideal Posin’ Pete/ Salty

Today we have a Friday Boy. He is Tammy’s little brother known as Posin’ Pete. Tammy’s brother is six inches tall and has molded brown hair and brown eyes like his dad and freckles like his sister Pepper.

A little later Ideal released Salty, a little friend of Pepper. Salty is exactly the same doll as Posin’ Pete, just dressed differently. Perhaps there were now so many Tammy family dolls that Ideal hoped we would not notice.

As Pete did not come in his original outfit there is no way for me to know if he actually is Pete or Salty but I think he is cute and I like his little homemade outfit. No outfits were released for Pete/Salty.



    • I think Ricky looks like Allan’s little brother too. Pete is smaller than my Dodi. I’ll be posting pictures of him with his family tomorrow so you can see the height difference between him and Pepper.


  1. Maybe the doll creater’s had a few drinks in them while choosing names, or someone delivered a bland lunch that needed salt & pepper. I was sorry there were no pets for this boy as both my brothers often brought many home, frogs and snakes and lizards.

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