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Those of you who use Flickr are probably aware that they have made some changes to their free accounts recently, limiting the number of photos you can have to 1,000. That sounds like a lot but I had nearly twice that many despite the fact that I don’t add to my photostream much anymore.

I didn’t want to pay for a pro account so rather than have Flickr delete the surplus photos I decided to cull them myself. In the end, I decided that I would remove all the doll photos from my account. Most of them were quite old and frankly, a lot of them were not very good. I think I take better ones now.

The reason I am posting about this was that I used to sometimes link to my Flickr photos in posts so now, of course, those photos are not going to be there. I intend to go through and fix all the old posts eventually but it will take some time. If you come across a post with missing photos I’d appreciate it if you mention it in comments and I’ll go and fix it.

Charice in OOAK dress


  1. Wow, you are the second person I heard mention this. I hope that doesn’t mean that all that great content from A Thousand Spendid Dolls/you-tube & Flickr.. I have used to identify some of my dolls will be lost. Talk about greedy. I had thought at one time to have my brother & Hubby help me photo document my collection. I don’t even know how many I have but it’s not even half that much. Glad I didn’t engage &waste my & family resources. I’ll just upload to computer in my own leisure time.


    • I wondered about that too and checked last time I looked at Shelly’s site. She has a pro account so won’t be affectd thank goodness. I pay for extra storage on Google Photos and of course I have photos here on WordPress so I didn’t want to pay for another lot as well.


  2. I’m no where as organized as you all are.. I have just been bagging and binning the boxed dolls and have donated to service families some mint dolls. There are a few porcelain dolls I donated to someone with a Christmas Decorated house. I think I will try to rehome one or two duplicates. I have several recues though that to anyone else would barely warrant keeping for parts.I must have a weakness for well loved dolls.I just need to figure out who all I have to make my hobby more fun, look less random. (Speaking of random do you follow Planet of the dolls? There was a very good Peter/monkeys on her doll-a-day for Feb.2019.)


    • I think everyone has their own level of organisation and whatever works for you is best. Your doll family is fairly fluid I think as you donate a lot so perhaps just keep a record of the ones you know you would never part with. I do read Planet of the Dolls but as I subscribe by email I often let them pile up and then read a bunch of posts at once. She takes some lovely photos.


  3. I’m going to delete all of my photos from Flickr. It’s a slow process. I remember when we had 1 free TB of space! Now they’re telling me that I can only have a max of 1000 photos?! And they’re threatening to delete the ones that exceed 1000 which means I need to make backups of those. Idk how long I’ll have until they delete them. I’m not impressed with Flickr and will need to fond another platform *sigh*

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    • Yes I have the same problem. I used to have a pro account but dropped back to a free one as I didn’t use it as much after they changed formats. I got emails about needing to back up my photos and deleted a lot because I didn’t want Flickr to choose what was kept. I also have most of them on my computer so they are not lost but it is annoying. I checked in a couple of weeks ago and my photostream was locked. I can’t add any more photos until I delete some as I have just over 1,000.


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