Tammy Family Portraits

Mom and Dad recently decided to get some new photos of the younger members of the family.



  1. Lovely to see this pleasant-looking family together. It gives me a better idea of the size of Pete. Dad’s white sweater looks great! The girls with their side-glancing eyes look like they are planning some mischievous fun. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I taught myself to crochet since my mom only remembered how to chain, when a cousin told me that it was faster than knitting. I was taught to knit at age 11 by an elderly woman who lived near by, loved watching her knit so fast! I really like how the shirt looks, you made up your pattern or was it from online? I wish I could have more of these dolls, I only have 1 Pepper doll-there just doesn’t seem to be many near me. I grew up in the 1960’s and none of my friends had them. I wish there had been like a 50th anniversary doll to buy, like the Penny Brite dolls (I have 2 made by Charisma). Thanks for sharing your dolls with us!


    • To be honest I don’t remember where I got the pattern. I do have a pattern for Action Man jumpers and may have based it on one of them. He is a bit bigger but I knit loose. Mum had to teach me several times before I got the hang of knitting. It is sad that there was no Tammy anniversary doll as there was for Barbie and even Sindy was commemorated. Tammy is hard to find in Australia now and most of mine have come from overseas.


  3. I like crochet-knit it is usually a bigger needle (good for my arthritis), but works best for creating tubes so torso and sleeves pocket books etc.I use drum sticks for looser items like pillow covers or doll blankets. I cant follow directions on a pattern to save my soul. I can hand sew so it takes longer to sew up from patterns, but fun,and I actually enjoy repairing damaged vintage clothing, (feels like preserving history somehow).

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