Takara Jenny


Today I would like to show you my two Takara dolls and some clothing. They date back to around 2001. This date is on the clothing packages. According to the back of one of the packages, there were four lines of clothing. These were Studio Street, Stylish Mode, Sweet Bambini, and Love Way. Another package is different so probably was released at a different time. It says PG Wear on the package top. Jenny appears to be an anniversary doll as she has Jenny 15th 1986-2000 printed on her original outfit. I won’t go into the history of Jenny but she started out as Takara Barbie and was made to appeal more to the Japanese market. Jenny is made by Takara Tomy in Japan and once the license with Mattel ended Takara Barbie became Jenny in 1986. You can read more about Jenny online as there are plenty of good articles. Jenny has a boyfriend Ralph and many friends including Licca. I was surprised to find a Naomi! I did a brief search on eBay and Jenny appears to be very popular with collectors as Jenny products are going for very high prices. My Jenny’s hair, unfortunately, has come out of its tie but she is still in excellent condition as is her boyfriend. They have been stored for several years and I hadn’t looked at them in a long time. The outfit she has on is a Skipper outfit. She is about ten and a half inches in height and the Skipper clothing fits her perfectly. The stand does not hold her very well as she kept falling over. She is solidly made and of good quality. Here are a few pictures I took of Jenny today. Sorry about the messy kitchen table. It was a bit dark in the passage where I usually take my photos. I should add that most of the writing on the clothing packages is not in English so I am unable to tell you very much more about what is actually written on them but I am guessing it gives the name of the doll and outfit and perhaps the range it belonged to. I have since found out that the male doll I have is Tomoki and he was made in 2004 so he is not Ralph after all.

Jenny original outfit
Ralph and Jenny
Ralph and Jenny
My small collection
Love Way outfit 1500 18
PG Wear 800E
Jenny’s Wear 800
Sweet Bambini 1500 20
Love Way 1000 11
The back of a Fashion Station Jenny’s Wear packet
The back of PG Wear pack

 More About Jenny:





  1. Oh, I’m green with envy!! I have two Jenny dolls that I was able to buy from doll collecting friends and I’ve found a few Licca-chan dolls at a thrift store, but I’ve never seen the packaged clothes or Jenny’s male friend. You’re so fortunate to have all these in your collection. These Japanese doll lines are so sweet and innocent looking. All the clothes are wonderful, but I especially like that heart print outfit. Thanks so much for posting your photos.


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