Barbie’s 60th Anniversary

In this post, I thought that I would mention a couple of events being held in Australia for Barbie’s 60th anniversary which falls on Saturday, 9 March.

I’ve found three events, one each in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


This event is being held at the North Bondi Surf Lifesaving Club. The articles I found give no description of what it actually is. It is free but it sounds as if space is limited as they are holding several sessions throughout the day. Visitors are encouraged to register for a session. If any of our NSW readers go perhaps they can tell us what it was all about.


This one is at a hotel in the Melbourne CBD and is aimed at children. It is a rather a pricey event at $59 for a child although they do get to take a doll home as part of the admission. It will be running from 4 March to 26 April.


I believe that the doll club in Brisbane did originally plan a bigger function but had a problem with the venue. This is their regular monthly meeting but they will be celebrating Barbie’s birthday. If you haven’t been to a doll club meeting before this might be a good opportunity to find out what goes on.


Other News

I don’t know what this one means but as I haven’t enjoyed Barbie’s last few makeovers I’m adopting a wait and see attitude.

Mattel has produced two special anniversary dolls. A  silkstone doll, Proudly Pink and a Black Label Diamond Anniversary Barbie. Both of these photos were sourced from the Mattel website.

Image for BRB BFMC PRDLY PNK from Mattel

Image for BRB 60TH CELEB DL from Mattel
There is also a new reproduction version of “Busy Gal” due out in the near future.

Does anyone know of any other events being held for Barbie’s birthday?



  1. I have to say I hate that the colour hot pink. I know it’s Barbie’s theme but I wish they had just gone with some nice repros with all of her most famous outfits or something really special like that. You don’t get to be sixty more than once.

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  2. I bought the 60th anniversary doll in the gown, put her on an articulated pivotal body and redressed her and she’s gorgeous. I really like her. I saved the gown for her for next NYE. I’m sorry, no body can wear a gown all year round, it’s just not on! 🙂

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  3. I think I saw those reviewed on you-tube last year.I think it would be fun to trade-in a new Barbie for the newer one plus a little fee, or whaty if we get rid of two new for one old..did they destroy all the old trade-ins years ago? I guess they won’t do that any-more.How about giving away old fashion packs,w/ a basic articulated doll in a bathing suit or robe. Make it a plain box with a big ? on it ..60 years of fashions..which will you get? Or how about a tastefully aged the Heart family but w/ fashion queens face or re-issuing wigs sets..just a bit of the old stuff?

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    • I wonder what they did do with all those traded in Barbies? Does anyone know? I was looking at vintage fashions last night and there are quite a few I’d love to see reproduced. Might have to do a post about that one day.


  4. Even if they did more pattern programs like they did in the could combine items like a long skirt, bodice and it printed it as a magazine cover that could be colored or pattern pieces.update that those clothes were taped together they did look sort of funny.

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