Counting Down To Barbie’s Birthday: 2000-2009

Fashion Fever Teresa Wave A
Fashion Fever Teresa Wave A aka Petra

The 2000s began with a major change to Barbie’s body shape with the introduction of the belly button body. “Jewel Girl” had the Everflex torso but for me, this was the decade of Fashion Fever. I loved this line and especially the fashions that were released. In 2009 the Black Basics line was introduced and these dolls became big favourites of mine as they continued into the next decade.

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  1. I missed the Fashion Fever years as I didn’t start collecting until the Barbie Basics came out. I remember seeing them in the airport in Amsterdam and wanting to buy one for myself instead of my granddaughter and thinking, “Nah, you can’t do that!” I couldn’t imagine an adult buying herself a Barbie doll. However, I soon succumbed and now I have five of them, all on made to move bodies. They really were spectacular and I don’t think Mattel has matched them in elegance and beauty since then.

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  2. Even before I had a Granny bag w/ dolls, vintage toys/games I had an Auntie bag. Thankfully an elder sister made dolls so I loved all kinds. Now I hear so many who collect out of the box dolls, customize them, swap heads, and as I rescue I wig them too. I love that there are at least 7 reasons to collect dolls.

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