Counting Down To Barbie’s Birthday: 1990-99

image Barbie in Fashion Ave 1998 fashion
Fashion Avenue outfit International/Summer from 1996

This was the decade when we started to collect as adults. A lot of my dolls from the early to mid-nineties were bought secondhand and I wasn’t able to identify them at the time but I also bought a lot brand new as there were some very pretty Barbies being made in the late nineties I thought. This was the decade of Fashion Avenue as well and it was such fun to add new outfits to the collection. You will recognise a few faces amongst this group who are still favourites.

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  1. I love Anna in the red blouse, just de-boxed my President Barbie, think she will run in the 2020 Trump favored race as an Independent, de-box Trump and Rosie O’ Donnel for a T.V. show mash-up to celebrate 60th of her mum Barbra Ann.

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