Counting Down To Barbie’s Birthday: 1980-89

It’s hard to think of eighties dolls as being vintage but all my eighties dolls have now joined the doll display or are in storage. Some of the dolls in this gallery belong to Naomi and some are no longer with me. I let some of my Rockers go a couple of years ago but kept Diva and Dee Dee because  I liked their faces. It was a decade of big hair and big smiles and probably the beginning of Barbie’s pink theme.

Day to Night suit



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  1. Did Naomi keep Rocker Ken or Derrick? I love that you had two band themed dolls two days running..(Beyond Pink)..that helps me span decades when are performer dolls and you can stage a gala or event w/ band/guest and mixers in a crowd scene to include many characters. Fun stuff!


    • Naomi does still have a Rocker Ken and I think she still has Derek stashed away somewhere. At one time I was collecting the music themed dolls and also had Bopsy from Barbie and the Sensations but I sold her. She was a pretty doll but I was getting rid of a lot of boxed dolls at the time.


  2. I have donated several boxed dolls (I didn’t love), and rehomed some duplicate dolls to keep things manageable for one room. Now I am taking dolls from boxes to bins to rotate them easier. I love seeing these different decades. The outfits are so wonderful, like a new adventure. I still have two unboxed fashion fever outfits for spring/tea themed , (both pink)..You have certainly heightened the excitement for the big 60 Barbie birthday, I may even buy the new Ann. doll with the pink outfit and restyle her in a multi decade mash-up. I’m sure there is enough from the eighties on to choose from.

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