Counting Down To Barbie’s Birthday: 1970-79

Malibu Barbie 1975 with Superstar face
Malibu Barbie 1975 with Superstar’s face. She still has her hat!

The early seventies belonged to the Mods; Barbie,  Francie, Stacey, PJ and others. It was a decade with a lot of gimmicks. Living Barbie had articulated wrists.  Busy Barbie had a moveable thumb. Hair play dolls, walking dolls and talking dolls all appeared in the 1970s. Later Malibu Barbie and her friends arrived to begin a long line of beach Barbies. In 1975 Mattel introduced the Superstar face sculpt for the first time.

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  1. Gold metal Barbie is a novelty to me as I’ve never seen her, but she is lovely, I love digging out the vintage gals & guys for display, I try to give them a longer stay outside the case. Happy Birthday Barbie..loving this..

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    • One post every day till Saturday. I’m planning an extra one which I won’t be able to set up till Saturday here but that will still be Friday in parts of the USA. Gold Medal Barbie was for the Montreal Olympics and done in the colours of several of the participants. You might have seen the US version.


  2. I don’t know that I have any that early w/ that face. (Still sorting the others).I had a few heads pop off in storage And of course nearly none of them had shoes, so dipped into the Barbie in the Dreamhouse vending machine. I even was cheeky enough to “borrow” Tammy’s car from Ted and Tressy for Mod Ken and Barbie to use.
    I will have to see what treasures my “Random” bin of Barbies (need make-overs) has.I saw the classic blue make-up but as they have no clothes are not identified yet. Did I say I’m Loving these post!?!


    • When you think that Barbie, and all the othr fashion dolls, were just designed to be children’s toys it’s pretty amazing that they are still around. Identifying them is going to be fun.


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