March Reader’s Gallery

So far this month we’ve had emails from two readers, Leta and Angela with photos to share in our Reader’s Gallery.  Thank you both so much for sharing.

Here’s a preview. Check out the page for the rest. You can find a link at the top of the home page or click here.

Lingerie Lou booklet photo supplied by Leta.
An ad for Lingerie Lou supplies by Leta.
Snow Angels photo by Angela Boyle
Photo by Angela Boyle


  1. Hope everyone will continue to send in their photos. It’s so interesting to see what others collect and do with their dolls. Thanks to everyone who sent photos in.

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  2. Awesome action guys in the clover have a jungle of that myself..should tackle a pic before the weed-wacker gets deployed. All my action guys are ready for adventure! Loved the others too, snow angels looked fun..I’d like to try Charlies angels in the snow, or a sand-bar at the stuff.
    ever find

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