Barbie’s 60th Birthday Celebrations

Today our Babs turns 60. I find that truly amazing in itself. Babs has managed to somehow survive while other dolls are no longer made.In her life time Babs has been many things and has been reinvented countless times. Vanda has shown many examples of this over the last week or so in her own blogs. Not only did Barbie come out as a play line doll she was also sold as a collectable for those who wanted to collect Barbie to display wearing almost wonderous outfits at times.Today I am showing one of my collectable Barbies. This is my 1950’s Barbie. I think she truly looks amazing in all her fifties glory right down to her lacy socks and sneakers. I have to say she looks as if she has just stepped out of Grease. She really reminds me of ONJ in the role of Sandy. Look at me I’m Sandra Dee! The good girl strikes again! I really must come up with some bad girls another time but for now I hope you all enjoy Barbie’s 60th birthday and have fun with your dolls. Remember they are not only for little girls.

1950s Barbie
Close up of Barbie
Barbie’s skirt
Barbie’s shoes


  1. Abso-fabu-loso..The 50’s bunch would scream..She does have a bit of Pink girls panache w/ the tied top baring midriff that would bring Elvis back top the building..Love the shoes!..I wonder how she differs from the Frank Sinatra Barbie? I wish they would sell the outfits or variations in fashion packs! Great blog!

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    • Thank you. I’ve been saving her up for the right blog. She is one of my best collectables. I still have a few I haven’t shown yet so stay tuned.


  2. What great details and accessories. It would have been great to include the black bad girl outfit worn by ONJ but perhaps you can recreate it? Thanks for sharing your collections. I’m really enjoying each “unveiling”. Surprised there was no Danny doll since John Travolta is a big star.


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