Counting Down to Barbie’s Birthday: 1960-69

Wedding Day 1959-63

During Barbie’s first decade she went from ponytail to pageboy to mod. Her friends and family made their first appearances and she had many beautiful outfits. The Swirl Ponytail Barbie was the first to be sold in Australia and the first Barbie I ever saw. I am sure that nobody had any idea back then how collectable these dolls would become in the future. Here are Barbie and some of her sixties friends and family from our collections.

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  1. Great slide show for this post. Lots of colour and variety, I was happy to see my Stacey, Francie and Twiggy. Going to buy some more outfits for them one day. Been indulging in some of my other hobbies recently so been away from buying doll stuff for a bit. Maybe I have too many hobbies and things I collect but I love it all I can’t give any of them up. My wish list includes outfits for all my mod dolls and a mod house for them to live in. One day!

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  2. mw too .Love all the sixties dolls..and cousin clones and home-made clothes. I was so excted about Barbie week like the guys (mostly my son) about shark week, I put up a small litsign w/ Happy Birthday Barbie..hubby thought it was a little over the top. Great these dolls.


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