Vintage Wicker Pram

Antique Shop Find Today.

I was walking up the High Street on my way to the chemist and noticed an old pram outside the antique shop. It had been there for a week or more and I had been eyeing it off when walking past with my dogs. Today I decided I would lay by it because I’ve been worried that someone else would get to it before me. This happens pretty often because I don’t always have time to call in even though they are only a few doors down from me. Well it turned out ok for me as the owner of the shop said I could take it home with me as it would help him. He needs the space for more stock. He also gave me a small discount which I appreciated.  I am going to put teddies in it with some nice bunny rugs and some little pillows. I think it will look nice. The pram has been painted with light blue paint. I’m not sure if it will come off or not. It’s in good condition so I was pleased with my find today. Here are some photos of the pram I bought.




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