Barbie’s Birthday Ball

Barbie’s Birthday Ball was the social event of the year. Invitations went out to numerous lucky people and the guest list was a who’s who of celebrities from near and far.

The guests mingled as they awaited the guest of honour
Some happy guests

Some familiar faces in the crowd.

Becky received an invitation.
Vivienne and Jan were pretty in pink.

There was a buzz of excitement when Midge and Ken appeared as the guests realised that Barbie was about to arrive.


Midge and Ken arrive.
The Birthday Girl arrives.
A kiss from Midge.
Barbie thanks the guests for coming.

Barbie makes time to meet all her guests during the course of the evening.

Here are a few portraits of the guests.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most of the dolls for this post came from my Barbie shelves. I stuck a backdrop on the wall with blu tac and used two spotlights on the display as it was dull and rainy here today. I hope you have enjoyed the grand finale to Barbie week. I may get the Dreamhouse out tomorrow and take a few more of Barbie at home with her family.



  1. They all look pretty darn good except for your ugly Midge. She looks like something the cat dragged in. What was ken doing arriving with her instead of Barbie????? Egads! Trust Barbie to have royalty there.

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  2. A lovely crowd. A Gala event. It should be covered by all the newspapers. I’ve heard all the dolls were trying to get in, but it was invitation only. Happy 60th Barbie! You have always been a star.

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  3. A perfect display of modern and vintage clothes and dolls. Midge was probably looking tired because she’s Barbie’s best friend and would have organized the whole party. 🙂 Thanks for posting all the photos.

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  4. Stunning! So lovely to see so many beautifully dressed dolls. You have created a wonderful gala and ultimate celebration to and of Barbie .I will look forward to visiting this blog often. Well done!

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  5. Had to revisit this spectacular display plus Obama and the prince both the same face-mold ..Steven or am I just seeing double? I have a straight arm one I redressed in camouflage as those outfits are cheap on e-bay haven’t identified him yet., head marked 1991 & 2005. Love your Michelle gal. Stunning/All.


    • I hadn’t compared the guys before but that does look like the same face doesn’t it? I have a few other Steven/AA Ken’s packed away. I’ll have to try and ID them all properly when I can get them out again.


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