Compare The Pair: Winter Holiday and Snow Bunny

In the sixties, there were some outfits that were standard in every fashion dolls wardrobe. The nurse, airline stewardess, ballerina and sporting outfits for skiing, skating, and tennis to mention a few.

For this series of posts we’ll show you some of the ones we have and just for fun, you can vote for the one you like best.

Today’s pair are Sindy wearing “Winter Holiday” and Grown Up Tammy wearing “Snow Bunny”. Both outfits have stretch pants, boots, and warm, hooded jackets. Both came with skis and poles. Barbie also had a similar ski outfit called “Ski Queen” but I don’t have this outfit at present.




  1. Is Barbie’s the navy and Turquoise one ? I saw it on E-bay for $60! I have a pink one but don’t know what it is called. I wonder if there are any clone ski outfits that might be more reasonably priced? I Love these! ( as you can also pair them with scates .)


  2. While I was looking I found a nice knit set with skis, which I didn’t have with the pink Barbie one I have in storage. Thanks for the link. I haven’t yet looked for any Sindy or Tammy sets. This is such a welcome break from my beach Barbie boil was marathon, and de-boxing/bagging and binning to free-up space.

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  3. I voted for Tammy’s but both outfits would stand out! Love the red black with her coloring. We certainly could have used the outfits and skis here in the Northeast US where we had a cold, long winter!

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