Fashion Doll Friday: Flower Surprise Ken

Flower Surprise Ken 1997

Today we have a Friday Guy. He is Flower Surprise Ken from 1997. Ken arrived with a box of chocolates and flowers for Barbie. The chocolates are still around somewhere, the flowers I’m not sure. This is one of many tuxedo-clad Ken’s released in the late 1990s who all have dark brown hair and a tan. Mattel did not show a lot of originality in their ideas. Ken was always either a beach bum or a bridegroom.



  1. What a sweet-heart. I love Ken in a Tux. Nothing looks so good with Barbie in a fancy gown. The only Job/look Ken hasn’t had yet is a game show host.I was thinking this after I got a Vanna White doll. I do have a Drew Carrey doll but he isn’t as handsome as your ken.

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  2. Awww, poor Ken – The only time he got some decent casual outfits from Mattel was during the Fashion Avenue era. Still your Ken is looking quite pleased with himself and his tux.

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  3. I have a box full of bathers, shorts and Tuxes from Ken dolls I bought over the years since I got tired of every dam Ken turning up in DJ,s Myers and Kmart wearing the same boring old outfits. They did bring out some others with quite nice outfits but mostly that’s all they got lumped with but I know why. Barbie cleaned out Ken’s bank account. He ought to get a job as a game show host if he can beat Barbie to the post. Come on down Barbie. It’s your turn to play The Price is Right! She’d get the shits if she didn’t win the car and the luxury cruise. He’d end up in jail for fixing the game. He’s broke so that’s the real reason behind the shorts.

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  4. lol, Barbie would be mad at my house because I have a Vanna White doll, and I gave my bestie her vintage Bel Aire and left her w/ a bright pink compact that the Olson Twins “borrowed”. I ordered a pair of scrubs on-line for my Dr. Mc Dreamy doll , but know vintage Ken also had Doctor stuff and Chef stuff etc..just haven’t found the patterns yet. As I live in Cali, Ken would do well here , he could drive the pink car for uber or lift AND work at a surf shoppe or the mall as one shoe place is ALL flip-flops.

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  5. To paraphrase ZZ Top, “every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man”. First, I’m happy to see a Fashion Friday Ken. Second rather he be well or overdressed so he would be a presentable companion to Barbie.

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