Fashion Doll Friday: Fashion Fever Drew Wave B

I was wracking my brains to think of a different doll to feature this week and decided to look in my tub of stored dolls. I thought you had seen all my Fashion Fever girls by now but I found one who has only featured briefly in the past so today’s Friday Girl is Wave B Drew. She looks a lot like Wave A Drew except that she has a sprinkling of freckles. I do have Drew’s original outfit but it wasn’t where I thought so it must be in the tub in the shed. Instead, I dressed her in a Fashion Fever outfit I quite like, cut off jeans and a white shirt.



  1. Drew looks great – beautiful hair! I had to smile when I read your comment about not being able to find her original outfit. I’m sure there are some doll collectors who are totally organized and know where everything is, but I’m not one of them. Of course, as I go through my stashes of dolls and doll-related items I do get delightful surprises. πŸ™‚

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    • I am fairly sure where it is. I just could not be bothered to go out to the garage and dig through the tub to get it. I usually store dolls naked to save losing shoes and other small bits and pieces.


    • Drew is one of my favorite FF dolls because of her unique freckles so it’s nice to see her. And the FF outfit is as classic as ever.

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  2. Drew is so charming, I adore the freckles! Did you say what year she is? I will definately see if e-bay has any for sale, I love the Gingers.Was looking for a Ginger spice dress just today.I’m not that organized. If they had original clothes (a lot didn’t, for me)..Hopefully they are in a clear bin or I’m lost. Sometimes I can redress them properly or it’s hand mades. Don’t even know how many I have. Need to put it on the computer..Thank goodness for you and Shelly and Flickr and books!

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