Fashion Doll Friday: Pretty in Plaid Redhead Barbie 1998

Pretty in Plaid redhead Barbie in OOAK fashion

Taken at Barbie’s birthday ball today’s Friday Girl is Pretty in Plaid Barbie. This doll came in blonde, brunette and red-head versions. I put her in this dress soon after I bought it and I like it so much on her I’ve never changed her out of it. I am sure that Jan would love to get her hands on this dress.




    • I love that dress, I bought it from an eBay seller years ago. I don’t think it even cost me that much. Something like that would cost more than a dress for me now.


  1. I like the material the dress is made out of but it’s too naked for my tastes at the top. She needs a wrap or something to finish it off and some gloves or something for finishing touches. I think today’s women wear horrible clothes to the big award nights. Most don’t look glamorous at all. When I look at older Barbie fashions and my vintage paper dolls clothing I always say to myself what has happened to people’s dress sense?

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  2. My dolls were a bit put out that none of them were invited to Bab’s birthday bash. I guess the clones were just not good enough.😒


  3. Maybe they were at Sir Elton’s bash and the media lost the footage. If I did my clones they would look like a medical convention! I do have good ol’ Donald in a suit but he’s afraid to come outta the box since the last drama on Dirks Guess the only celeb would be Julia in her nurses outfit. Btw, thanks on the vintage restore tip w/ starch, was able to send my sis a dark haired Midge in a Starched nurses uniform after her surgery.

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