Fashion Doll Friday: Dance-Off Frenchy 2008

Today’s Friday Girl is Frenchy from the musical Grease. Those of you who are old enough may remember that Mattel released a series of these dolls. The set Frenchy is from the 30th Anniversary set which was released in 2008 and the girls all wore dance dresses. I bought this doll nude so I’ve redressed her in a Fashion Avenue outfit she could go dancing in.

If you are interested in the rest of the series it started with Barbie as Sandy in 2003, wearing the black leather outfit that Olivia Newton-John wore in the film. I still think of this one as “Sell Out Sandy”. In 2004 Mattel released a pre-makeover version of Sandy. In 2007 there were four new dolls in the “Race Day ” set. Sandy, dressed as a cheerleader, Rizzo, Frenchy, with pink hair, and Cha Cha, who was released in 2008. The Dance-Off set was also released in 2008 and included Sandy,  Rizzo, Cha Cha and Frenchy. Strangely Mattel never made any of the guys. You’d think they would have at least made Danny. How can you have a teenage romance without the guy? Lastly, Mattel released Kelly and Tommy as Sandy and Danny. Maybe for the 50th Anniversary.

I did actually enjoy Grease when I finally got around to watching it but I’ll leave my comments about the plot for a different post maybe on Our Other Blog.




  1. I never watched the film when it came out and only saw it for the first time a few years ago. I can’t say I liked it – I didn’t dislike it but felt fairly indifferent. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts!

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  2. Frenchie is very pretty and i like her brown eyes, but her dark makeup palette and gold hair make me wonder what her original outfit looked like. I have fond memories of Grease and enjoyed its music but only vaguely remember its plot. I did enjoy the romantic tension between Sandy and Danny and how she transformed into a “bad girl” for him.


      • Thanks for the link. Just saw ads for the Keith Haring X Barbie. I’ve been on a doll sabbatical but this one sure is unique. I’m on the fence about her outfit but love her Goddess face, twisted braid and articulation. But at $50 probably not. What do you think?


      • This was the first I had heard about her and to be honest I have no idea who Keith Haring is but I went and had a look. I like the Goddess Face and the articulation too. The outfit I think is OK but not what you’d expect on a more pricey doll. Looks like something for a Fashionista. If you really love her and think she might sell out maybe you should get her or you could see if there are any post Easter specials. You don’t always see them cheap on eBay but I guess the other option is to wait for a nude one to come up. If she is available here she’ll probably be more like $80 and I probably wouldn’t pay that.


  3. Personally I don’t think she looks a bit like Frenchie from the movie. Frenchie was funny and crazy and this chic just doesn’t capture her character. Not saying she isn’t a nice doll. She just isn’t Frenchie and yes I did see the film in 1978 when it came out and several more times since. It was good to see Sandy kick some arse even if she did sell out. If Danny wasn’t worth it she probably stood on his arse with her high heels. I would have liked to have seen if sweet sugar and spice Sandy could keep it up and for how long before she went back to normal.I certainly hope Danny didn’t start wearing cardigans and driving something ordinary. Who is going to watch the new prequel when it comes out?

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  4. Love the movie though the actors were a bit old for high-schoolers. I agree Frenchie looks more like Sandy if Frenchie colored her hair/prefer the Pink version. I would have loved seeing a few of the characters from Grease 2- inthe slim skirts (Stephanie) pedal pushers etc..a carry over for Frenchie /plus..twins in hula gear/motorcycle guy (Michael)..Liked most of the music, not as well cast,l ower budget. I also loved Eve Ardan as the principal/etc..btw, Danny Lettered in Track, If I could find the 12″ Travolta figure I’d wash the grease out of his hair and put him in that, maybe not cardigans but before Sandy had a “make-over” he had one too. When they are by themselves I imagine they’d be like the sweet kids who met on the Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello.

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  5. Also after seeing the t.v. version thought the high school musical gabriella doll could be redressed as Rizzo as it was the same actress, and sharpay (doll) could be either blonde frenchie or a brown-eyed sandy, but The zac effron/Link Larkin doll from the musical Hairspray would make a dreamy Danny, maybe Amanda Bynes hairspray doll as sandy w/ pony tails Certainly younger looking dolls at any rate..

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