Fashion Doll Friday: Dolls of the World Kelly – France 2005

Today’s Friday Girl is a very little one. She is one of the Dolls of the World collection. Mattel released a couple of sets of three of these. The one we have, which Naomi bought to get Little Tommy had him in a German costume, a red-haired Irish Kelly and this one who represents France. She gave me the two little girls and they represent about half my Kelly collection at present.



  1. She has such a lovely expression! (actually, she kind of looks like you with that warm smile!) I use to collect dolls back in the 60’s and 70’s traveling with my parents or if they traveled they’d bring dolls back. I just recently pulled the box of them out and it was wonderful to see them again.

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  2. Happy Easter! btw, did you see day 108 of the blog Planet of the dolls? 2005 Bearyweathers/furryville (mini bears for Naomi), other sets on e-bay some w/ bunnies,one set had them with easter eggs/ etc..perfect for Kelly & collections.

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