Op Shop Dolls: Disney Princess

What a mess!

I haven’t done an Op Shop doll post for a bit. I have had a few but sometimes I get a bit fed up with them, not the dolls but the way kids treat them. A few that I had taken back to the shop that hadn’t sold were getting messy and that annoys me after I work so hard on them. But last week I was handed this one and she was a real mess.

I think that she is Disney’s Anna from Frozen. She had a band-aid on her arm as well when I got her. Luckily all the biro came off with a scrub with bicarb and the marker responded well to Oxy 5 treatment. The weather was warm so I put her outside in the sun for a while. It only took a day or so.

Her hair was the worst part as it was so tangled and frizzy. I ended up cutting a lot off the ends because I’d be there forever brushing and combing it otherwise. We only sell them for a couple of dollars so spending hours on them to get them back to new is really not worth it. She looks quite nice now. I’ll probably plait the hair later as that is correct for Frozen Anna anyway and it will help keep it tidy. Then just have to find something for her to wear.

All tidied up.


  1. Wow, what a difference!! You did a fantastic job cleaning this doll, but I can understand how discouraging it is to receive dolls in this messed up condition. What are parents and caregivers thinking?!

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