Styling Black Basic’s No. 5

Before I show you what I was doing with this doll I must apologise that we have not posted very much this month.

Naomi has been very busy with work but I have no such excuse. I think that after being so active posting in February and March for Barbie’s birthday I just dried up. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to write about so to those of you who have missed our posts or are waiting for replies to your emails I am sorry.

As I mentioned in my previous post I happen to have a spare Black Basic’s Barbie so I decided that I’d like to see how she would look with her hair down.

I think this doll has beautiful hair. I do like the black haired dolls. Anyway, when I took her hair down which was actually a few weeks ago it was a bit all over the place after having been in that style for so long. I washed and conditioned it and then put her to one side. Later I decided to do her hair again because although it looked better I still felt it was not as flat I wanted. So I did her again and then dunked her in boiling water for a few minutes.

After I took her hair down.

As yet I haven’t attempted any intricate hairstyle. I’m not a great stylist. I think she would make a great Morticia Addams or Lily Munster with this style and the right dress. Might have to try that for Halloween.

I did find her a different outfit, she’s fun to dress and I may try a few more outfits later to get her look right.

Wearing a Fashion Fever tube dress

Here she is with her sister doll who is wearing a Black Basics dress, although not her own. I think she is wearing the one from #01.



  1. I think she looks even more attractive with her hair swept off her face. The new hairdo brings out her features. The white dress and bright pink accessories are a nice contrast to the black hair. It’s fun to give a doll a different look.

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  2. You could make her Goth.In fact put her in a tight long black dress and you would have Morticia Adams. She is a dead ringer for her. I mean it as a compliment because I love the Adams Family.

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