Blogiversary #6

Well, here we are in May and the sixth anniversary of this blog. Who would have thought? It’s also been two years and a bit since Naomi became my co-writer. We regularly talk about ideas for posts together although we’ve not had much to show for it over the past few weeks. Hopefully, over the winter we’ll get back on track.

Charice with boyfriend Dominic

I think that I have probably shown you all just about every fashion doll I own by now. I brought a tub of dolls in from the garage to look for some new ones to photograph and checking them off against previous posts I found that most of them had appeared at least once but some only briefly so I think we can keep Fashion Doll Friday going for a while longer. After that, we’ll probably have to go into reruns. Luckily Naomi has plenty that you haven’t seen yet, some very nice NRFB Barbies and of course all her guys.

Boxed Far Out Barbie

Naomi also has some new paper dolls so we will try to feature more of these in future posts.  We both have eBay wish lists as long as my arm so I daresay a few new dolls and action figures will be featured here in the next few months too.

Every now and then I check the links I’ve included on our pages and sad to say more of them seem to have disappeared. I try to keep the links updated but if you find one that’s not working please let me know and I’ll delete it.

It seems that a lot of doll bloggers are no longer active for various reasons. Life happens and dolls can’t always be part of it I guess.  I used to enjoy reading “Keeping Ken” but although the website is still there it seems not to have been updated in a very long time which is a shame.  I guess that many people now prefer to share their photos on social media instead. However, I don’t know if Instagram would suit me. It may be old fashioned but I like to write.

Tutti’s Playhouse

Anyway, we are not going anywhere so we’ll look forward to bringing you more pictures and stories over the next year.




  1. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your love and knowledge of dolls. I think even if you don’t acquire anything new, you and Naomi have plenty with which to entertain your followers. I would love to see your fashion dolls and clothing again and again 🙂

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  2. Congrats on six years of blogging! Please do keep on blogging with Naomi. I enjoy your posts. Seeing dolls more than once is fine. Sometimes it seems like doll collecting is all about acquisition, but I think the real joy is in getting creative with the dolls and props we already have. And please don’t move to Facebook or Instagram; blogs are the best! Thank you to you and Naomi for all the time and effort you put into this blog.


  3. Greatest appreciation for all your artistry and craft. I can certainly account for parts of my collection I have because I saw them on your blog! I never had a Tammy growing up but now I love and treasure her as IF I had her a lifetime! I love solving the who is this doll mysteries, or re-dressing/re-heading, giving these dolls life. God bless you for this, and every other thing you wonderful sisters do together. STILL on the edge of my seat, reading the first ones as well as these here, what a lovely legacy shared. You’re simply the best.

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  4. Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog! I look at the posts of dolls from the 50’s and 60’s dolls especially Tammy and family, Sindy’s, Penny Brite . I never knew of these dolls growing up in the 1960’s and I wish I had, I probably would’ve loved a Tammy before begging my Mom for a Barbie, even though I would’ve got a Barbie any way. So many choices and I never saw them in the small town in Michigan (Usa) when I was little. That’s why I enjoy your blog so much! Perhaps doing more about doll clothing and where you get it from and also more of the creative knitting outfits you make for them and the OP’s shop you work at would be great too. Does Naomi make outfits for dolls? I only collect fashion dolls even when little I perfered preteen or teen ones,my sister loved baby dolls. I enjoy your variety very much! Thank you!


    • Thanks, Helen, I’ve found a whole world of dolls from Europe and the USA that I knew nothing about growing up in Britain and Australia. I haven’t done much knitting of late and should get back to it. I’ll try to add more about clothes because with fashion dolls that’s really what they are all about. No, Naomi doesn’t sew or knit. She likes art and would like to try her hand at making backdrops or dioramas for the dolls and some of the other toys so we complement each other.


  5. Congratulations! Several of my favourite blogs have shut down for one reason or another in the last couple of years. It’s like losing a friend! I can’t do Instagram either. I can barely get by on the computer! But I’ll be sticking around too.

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    • I have noticed that. I went through the list of the “Top 100 Doll Sites” one day and in the top half of the list quite a lot were either not working at all or had not been updated in a long time which is sad. It’s made me all the more determined to keep this one going for as long as we are able.


  6. Yes it is a shame that so many blogs/video-youtube sites stop. I know they are a Lot of work , probably more than what I can imagine! It is nice, that even if they stop updating blogs many are still there to re enjoy, or for me, a newer viewer( didn’t get a computer till 3 years ago) it continues to inspire and help. Thank you for you and Naomi and the hard work you do to share your dolls, life, and experience with us!

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    • A lot of the now defunct sites are still very useful especially the ones that help ID dolls. We’re still having fun and as long as we are we’ll keep doing this.


  7. Vanda’s birthday is on the 20th of this month so there will be an interesting post coming up after that because I have a cool surprise for her.

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