Fashion Doll Friday: Belly Button Barbie circa 2002-4


Today’s Friday Girl is a playline Barbie from the early 2000s. She is wearing her original outfit but I cannot for the life of me remember who she is. She is not a Fashion Fever doll although I think that they were on the market by the time I bought her.

The back of her head and her body are both marked 1999 and she was made in Indonesia. It seems to me that her head is smaller than the Fashion Fever dolls. Despite doing a search this afternoon I have not been able to find a doll exactly the same online. She may be a foreign issue doll made for the Asia Pacific market.

I think that Leah, as I call her, has only appeared once before on this blog and that was briefly in a closet post. I have had her stored away and decided to take her out and tidy her up.



  1. Leah is a lovely, sunny “California” blond. I purchased a brunette doll with the BB body that wasn’t FF, was she a “City” doll?

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