Fashion Doll Friday: Hip 2 Be Square African American Barbie 2000

Today’s Friday Girl is one I took out of my storage tub the other week. She’s the African American version of Hip 2 Be Square Barbie from 2000. These dolls, there were four in the set must be some of the last playline dolls to have the old TNT body. I was lucky to get this one as you couldn’t usually buy the African American dolls here back then. I probably either bought her on eBay or with the assistance of American doll club friends. As you can see she is still in her original outfit including her sunglasses.



  1. I was never interested in Barbie and neither was my daughter.
    However I did buy the retro Pan Am flight attendant in the 1966 uniform and I love her. I flew in that uniform beginning in 1967 until they changed it when the 747 aircraft came in. The tiny uniform on this doll is very well done, she even has miniature white gloves and the pillbox hat must have been a challenge to create.


  2. seriously cool. Hip to be square is awesome a wish- list pic.Wish they’d do fashion packs for so many of these classics.

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  3. Gorgeous doll and outfit. It still amazes me how timeless Mattel’s dolls are, capturing different eras. I was just at the Museum of Modern art, and her dress looks like a Mondrian painting.

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