Op Shop Dolls: Zoe’s Dolls Part Two

The Story So Far

In my last post, I showed you a group of dolls donated by Zoe, the daughter of my friend Donna from the Op Shop. I’m sad that Zoe doesn’t want her dolls any more but she has two teenage sisters and I guess she’d rather play with electronic stuff like they do. Anyway, these dolls badly needed some love. Here are some before and after shots of two of them. Isn’t it amazing what a bit of TLC will do? I just love transformations like this. You only need a few simple items that you would have in the house anyway and a bit of time and just look at the difference.

There are still some issues to be fixed on a couple of the dolls.

  • One brunette has a mark on her nose which will probably need Oxy 5 treatment.
  • TNT Barbie’s hands are chewed. I haven’t decided what, if anything, to do about this yet. Her hair and face came up so well she is worth saving.
  • The other brunette doll will need her hair re-rooted or she will become a body donor.


The brunette doll responded very quickly to Oxy 5 treatment. I also found out where Steffi’s pink liquid had come from. I was doing a little research to see which  Steffi Love she was as there are several versions of pregnant Steffi. I found out how to turn the tummy panel around so as I hadn’t looked I took a peek to see if maybe Baby was still in there. It wasn’t but I did find a piece of bright pink rubbery sort of material. I don’t know what it was but obviously, it was not meant to get wet.  That was what had caused the water to stain when I cleaned Steffi up.

I also had the Barbie with chewed hands and I wanted to find her another body. I found that I had a couple of dolls with bad hairdos that I had put aside and that one of them had a TNT body. Perfect! Or so I thought. However, I had a mishap when I was doing the head swap and broke the donor body’s neck knob. This is why I don’t do Frankendollying very often. The other body was a belly button body but the skin tone was about right. I didn’t think the average five year old would be too fussed about inaccurate body parts so I did the switch.

I also encountered a problem with Ken’s head. I got it off but it won’t go back on again so that’s going to be a project for another day as I was over it by that time.

After that, the girls went off to what I described to Donna as “The Barbie Op Shop”. This is a bag of fashion doll clothing comprising cast offs from my own dolls, dresses that I’ve brought home from the shop to wash and a bunch of cheap Chinese made dresses I bought for a couple of dollars. Everyone got a new dress, nobody got shoes because they will just get lost. Here they are.



  1. You did a fabulous job on these dolls – congratulations! I’m always amazed at how clean you get the dolls’ faces. The hair looks great again, too. It’s sad that dolls end up in the abused condition to begin with, but so satisfying to restore them. It’s actually one of those times when you came see the results of time and hard work. Wonderful!

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  2. No effort is wasted, when someone sees the dressed dolls it cheers you, I think pattern using is getting a little more use in my family,It leads to making our own things too. Custom tee shirts then, The black and white fashion packs you can custom design..it is all a new or renewed way to enjoy dolls. Love the outfits you put together.I would buy any/all these dolls to share w/ my nieces/neighbor kids, or a lovely boutique op shop close to me..Wonderfully mastered job..

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