Fashion Doll Friday: Pretty in Plaid African American Barbie 1998

This week’s Friday Girl is another of my Pretty in Plaid Barbies. Like the other two, I redressed her in evening wear and she used to live on my fashion doll shelves until I had to declutter a bit when the house went on the market. Her dress is one that I made myself from a pattern from an old magazine. Her fur stole is a furry hair scrunchie. I think that eventually, I will have to redress her because I can see that the material of the dress is a bit worn and the scrunchie is losing some fur.  I never named any of the Pretty in Plaid girls because they were always displayed dolls not ones that I played with but I think that I may christen this one Meghan after a certain actress turned duchess.



  1. really cute, think she’d shine in hip to be square dresses as well, saw someone use the four colors on all African American dolls and it was very striking. With the she looks like a Holiday or Valentine version.

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