Never Work With Animals Or Children: It’s Not Just Cricket

The Tressy’s were very proud when AC Tressy’s little sister Cricket was invited to take part in a fashion show. They were even more delighted when they were asked if one of them would be available to be the Showrunner. “Of course. Cricket is a very professional child model. It will be a pleasure.”

Tressy and Cricket arrived early on the appointed day to be greeted by the photographer. “Oh good, you are here early. The other kids will be here  shortly with their chaperones so you can clue them in on what to do.”

“What other children?” enquired Tressy haughtily. “Cricket is modelling the children’s clothes today.”

“It’s not just Cricket.” replied the photographer “There are a bunch of other kids coming. I thought you knew that.”

“We did not!” Tressy replied aghast. “I’m not here to babysit a lot of strange children, Their chaperones will have to do it.”

” I don’t care who does it, just keep them away from my equipment.” Yes, Dennis the bad mannered photographer is back.

Dennis the Photographer

Grumbling under her breath Tressy took Cricket to choose her outfits. She was going to make sure that her little sister got the first pick at least.

Soon the other children began to arrive with their chaperones.

“Cricket is modelling the children’s clothes today.”
Tressy was not pleased to see her rival Barbie.

“Barbie, Skipper.” Tressy nodded coolly, not happy to see her rival with her little sister in tow.

“So this is Cricket? ” said Barbie in a friendly way.  “Cricket would you like to show Skipper where the clothes are?”

“Oh yes,” said Cricket enthusiastically. She was pleased to see a girl about her own age, sometimes Cricket grew a little tired of being with grownups all the time.


“I’ll be off Skipper, I have to drop the bigger girls off at the mall and take Tutti and her friends to a birthday party. What a good thing we have a limo. I’ll be back later ” called Barbie.

“What about supervising your sister? ” said Tressy.

“She knows what to do,” Barbie replied confidently. “As soon as I’ve dropped the rest of the children off I’m meeting Ken for lunch. I am sure you don’t need my help,” she added smiling.

“I am sure you don’t need my help.”

Mrs Turner arrived with her three younger daughters. “Oh, don’t worry,” she said seeing Tressy’s expression. “They aren’t all modelling. just the youngest one and her friend Dodi. The other two just wanted to watch.” “Off you go girls, and behave yourselves.” “I’ll pick them up at five,” she added to Tressy then hurried away looking forward to an afternoon shopping and getting her hair done without the usual posse of kids.

Sindy arrived holding tightly to a complaining Patch. “I don’t wanna do this. It’s sissy.” Patch wailed. “I wanted to go riding with you.”

“You wanted me to help you get the money to pay for that broken window,” Sindy told her. “This is how I am helping. Look there are lots of other girls here. It will be fun.” Sindy turned to go. “Where do you think you are going? ” Tressy asked her. “Oh, I have a riding lesson this afternoon. If Patch is naughty just remind her about the broken window she has to pay for. Bye.”

“I don’t wanna.” wailed Patch

Last to arrive was a young girl who came in alone. “Name?” asked Tressy looking at her clipboard. “My name is Peace.” the girl replies

“A hippy. Wonderful,” muttered Tressy.

Peace came alone.

The volume of sound coming from the change room was becoming louder so Tressy strode in to issue some orders. The young girls were all talking and giggling away like old friends.

Tressy clapped her hands loudly and consulted her clipboard.

“Skipper, your clothes are there. You others that rack there. The other clothes are for Cricket. Now get ready. Quietly ”

It looks like Tressy will have her hands full. In the next post, we’ll see how she gets on.

Giggling and talking like old friends.

*Note: As a child, Tressy was my least favourite fashion doll because mine had white hair. I tried very hard to change the colour with food dye so she’s sort of a dirty blonde now. Naomi always said she thought that Tressy looked mean so in my doll stories Tressy always gets the mean girl role. It’s become a bit of a joke to me. It doesn’t mean I don’t like her. I’ve come to appreciate the high coloured no.1 version Tressy’s. If we’d had a Fashion Queen back then she probably would have been the villain. 





  1. This is so much fun! I laughed about Dennis, “the bad mannered photographer”. Tressy has my sympathy, having to supervise all those kids while the other grown-ups are having a free afternoon. Can’t wait to see what happens at the fashion show.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a predicament! I would have been overwhelmed. Hope it works out well for Tressy since she’s the only adult who stayed with her charge.

    Liked by 1 person

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