Never Work With Animals or Children: The Fashion Show

Tressy has been left to organise a fashion show for pre-teens while their chaperones have all taken the afternoon off.

Before the shoot started Tressy called the girls together. Tapping her clipboard she laid down the law.

“There will be no running about. No silliness and those of you not involved sit down and stay out of the way. You are not here to have fun.”

“Yes Tressy.” they all said obediently, except for Patch who was not listening.

“Right, then let’s begin.”

The Showrunner:

Tressy by American Character

The Models:

  •  American Character Cricket-Tressy’s Little Sister
  • Mattel Skipper- Barbie’s Little Sister, bend leg version
  • Ideal Pepper – Tammy’s Little Sister, Posin’ Pepper
  • Pedigree Patch – Sindy’s Little Sister
  • Ideal Dodi – Pepper’s Friend
  • Hasbro Peace – World of Love doll

The Fashions:

Cricket was first in an original Cricket fashion called “Sweet Treat” #14103 worn with a pair of white flat shoes borrowed from Skipper.

Cricket in a Cricket fashion called Sweet Treat.

Next came Dodi in a red sleeveless dress. “It’s so tight around the arms she complained. ”
“Stop complaining. You’re not here to have fun,” said Patch, apparently she had been listening some of the time.

Dress tagged Made in Hong Kong fitted Dodi except for armholes.

The dress is tagged Made in Hong Kong and while it fitted Dodi at the waist it looks to have been made for slimmer dolls like Cricket, Peace and Skipper.

Crop pants and striped top.

Peace followed her in a red and white outfit of cropped white pants and a striped top. The pants were so small that Peace was the only one who could wear them.

Skipper was next wearing an untagged yellow dress that was rather similar in colour to her “Flower Girl” dress from 1967.

Skipper in an untagged yellow dress.

Cricket returned in a blue skirt which was probably homemade and the jacket from “Shutter Bug” #14108

Cricket in the jacket from Shutterbug which should have a matching skirt.

Poor Pepper, hardly anything fitted her which she was very disappointed about. In the end, she wore a red corduroy coat, probably homemade.

None of the clothes fitted Pepper properly except this coat.

Patch was also unhappy. “This is a school uniform. Why do I have to wear this? It’s not fair.”

“Because you are not here to have fun.” chorused the other girls.

Patch is wearing a brown tunic and white blouse with her school tie (all one piece). Over it, she has a brown wool coat. This original Patch fashion should also have brown shoes,  white socks, beret, and satchel. The coat is a little large on her as she is one of the smaller Patch’s.

Dodi in a homemade outfit

Dodi came back again in a black and white check skirt, possibly homemade with her own pink knitted jumper also untagged and probably homemade.

Cricket had one more dress to show, a sleeveless summer dress tagged Made in Hong Kong.

Cricket in a summer dress.


It was getting very noisy in the change room, Tressy could hear a lot of laughter and even Dennis was chuckling about something. As she entered the room Tressy very clearly heard someone doing an impersonation of her tapping her clipboard and giving orders. “How dare you! ” she cried. “What disgraceful, disrespectful behaviour. I want to know who is responsible?”

“It’s probably that cheeky little devil Patch.” she thought.

Cricket was in the middle.

“It was me.” cried a small voice. “I’m sorry.” the girls parted and standing in the middle of them holding a clipboard was Cricket.

Finally, to Tressy’s great relief, they were done and the girls gathered for a photo. They had all managed to have fun despite Tressy’s orders and had made some new friends.

The girls all made new friends.


  1. This is wonderful! It’s so amusing and I love that line, “You’re not here to have fun.” But, so nice that the girls did end up having fun and making new friends. Despite Dodi’s dress being too tight for comfort, it does look cute on her. So interesting to see all the clothes, especially Patch’s school uniform. I hope you had as much fun putting this story together as I did reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did. Originally I had planned just to do Cricket’s wardrobe but I had wanted to do something with the other children for a while but don’t have a lot of outfits for them as yet so I thought why not combine them?


  2. How charming. Poor Tressy, left alone, and teased. What lovely fashions though..How fun to see Skipper, Peace, Pepper, Dodi and Cricket in proper fashions. I have to scrape fitting odds/ends for my girls as I can find them, but never really had a girls get-together. I should like to try this, how fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So pulled out my Dodi for a play date with pepper going to try some Elly- May cover-alls that have scare crows on them and I noticed the similar orange check and green dresses, wondered if they’d fit the grown ups and they did and my franken tammy (with pepper head) was wearing a lavender check dress and so was the uneeda head on an Elly body, so the guys not to be left out, put on their brown check jackets and it was a play date for them all..

    Liked by 1 person

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