Fashion Doll Friday: Brunette Hip 2 Be Square Barbie 2000

I am sorry that today’s post is late.  I started much too late in the day and I seemed to have a bunch of things go wrong. Now it is almost winter the light goes quite early. As if that was not bad enough I discovered that one of my small lamps had blown a bulb and I could not remove the old one so rather than wait any longer I decided to use just the one. Then I discovered that one of my models had lost a shoe. How she managed that when she hasn’t been anywhere I can’t imagine. I see me turning the doll room upside down trying to find it over the weekend.

However, the show must go on as they say so please meet this week’s Friday girl. She is Hip 2 B Square Brunette Barbie. This is another doll that was not sold in Australia, at least I could not find her in Adelaide and eventually got one through some kind friends in the USA. This was before postage became so ridiculously expensive.  I won’t pay thirty or forty dollars to have a doll sent here and I don’t expect people to send me stuff for the same reason. Twenty years ago you could get a doll sent to Australia for about $US10 at least from some parts of the country.

I don’t think I have the original dress anymore, I am fairly sure that I put it on one of the dolls I rehomed as it was never a favourite. I have an idea that I may have a boxed one packed away somewhere, one of the few dolls I have kept boxed. Her outfit is part of a Fashion Avenue set of reversible fashions, Quick Change Outfit 56950 from 2002.



  1. This doll has a lovely face and I like her colouring. The Fashion Avenue outfits always look so nice. I have more than one Barbie who has had a shoe go missing. It’s a mystery where they end up. I keep saying I’m going to put tiny elastics around the feet to keep the shoes on, but I still have not done that. I can empathize with the postage comment. I live in Canada, right next door to the USA, but between the exchange rate and the postage costs, I rarely buy from ebay any more. Maybe that’s a good thing as I rediscover the dolls I already have instead of adding more dolls to my collection.

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  2. those double sided tacky dots I used on my scrap-booking used to work w/ the shoes but hard to get out of boots. I do a lot of boots because the other generic shoes I get cheaply on line run really small except the flats. Love this gal, think I have a 1998 head like her but need to locate a doner body. I have her green dress but it actually looks so much better on my AA and Teresas and black haired girls.


    • I think I would put the dots on the dolls foot rather than the boot if it would stay on. I have noticed those generic shoes run small, maybe because a lot of the cheap clone dolls have smaller feet. This girl had the blue dress originally. The blonde had pink and if there was a redhead she would have had the green. Mattel was not very imaginitive when they did sets, it was always blonde=pink, brunette=blue, redhead = green and African American = yellow or orange.


  3. I did see someone w/ all the colors but on all AA dolls, the bright colors looked better on them I thought. I would have had boots for a mod look , I think accessories like glasses get lost a lot too. I am managing to find odd shoes under things in my doll room as I remove things. I hope I find the mates I put in a clear canister. De-boxing has been fun. I still have no clue how many dolls I have but they are easier to get to, Also the paper dolls will get moved closer to my display (in another room) space/hidden but ready to enjoy.

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    • I always like to put my AA dolls in bright colours which seem to suit them better than pastels. I have lost a lot of sunglasses and little bags etc until I started making a habit of storing whole outfits together in a ziplock bag. I have an odd shoe container too and occasionally get a match up.


  4. Lovely doll and outfit. If they come with them, I try to leave the clear elastic on the feet to keep the shoes on. It’s a great idea for accessories too but once I remove, too fiddly for me to put on again.

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