Fashion Doll Friday: Birthday Wishes Barbie 1998

Today’s Friday Girl is Birthday Wishes Barbie from 1998. She was the first in a series of Collector dolls but I bought her loose and nude from an eBay seller. I didn’t even know who she was at the time as I had not been collecting lone when I got her. Victoria is wearing a Fashion Fever pack shirt which fits quite well and a skirt which I think is either integrity or a generic one that I had.

You will have seen Victoria featured in a couple of Mother’s Day posts. Victoria likes baking, gardening, sewing and spoiling her two younger brothers Georgie and Frankie.

*Dress and stockings by Etsy seller Ellasdolls.




  1. Pretty girl, I imagine she’s pretty handy w/ all the custom fashions around. Some of the outfits for the plus size dolls are pretty weird. I have also seen several places on pinterest to modify old fashions to make them new or customize them. Does Victoria have a work room (home projects)or show room/studio.. where she sells things? Is she a “behind the scenes gal for photo shoots to pin things or fix a broken sipper etc?

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    • It was quite an earlly one and one of the few pack items I bought, usually I found the closets better value for money than the small items. I loved the hats but never bought them for that reason. Wish I had now.


      • It was amazing how certain FF accessories sold separately matched the ensemble of specific dolls. I think FF was the peak of fashion doll collecting.

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