Op Shop Dolls: Sunday Fixer Uppers Part Two

Here are some of the finished results of my Sunday afternoon fixing up dolls for the Op Shop. Here is the horse who is marked Our Generation Foal. I think that the foal is the Quarter Horse Foal which originally had a lot of accessories. There was also a small McDonalds doll who looks like a curvy Barbie and big and little Dora The Explorer. Big Dora is not that big by the way. Baby Dora is one of a set of twin dolls, her outfit has been washed. The other doll is a Kelly sized doll with a large head marked Kid Kore.

Horse marked Our Generation Foal
Small McDonalds doll.
Dora The Explorer fabric body and vinyl head.
Baby Dora and Kid Kore doll

The fashion dolls all visited the Doll Op Shop for new clothes too. The brunette Sparkle Girlz doll looked familiar, either she has been hanging out at the shop for a while or she’s been sold and come back. I don’t remember her chewed hands though.

Lil Miss Magic from Mattel still had part of her original outfit so I will see if I can find a skirt to go with it. I’ve put a band around her neck in the vain hope it might stop her hair from getting too messed up.  Baby Lots of Love has some accessories too. Her outfit turned out to be tagged CPK but it fits her so well you would never guess.

Lots to Love baby and accessories.


Now I only have the two big 18 inch dolls to work on and their hair is seriously tangled so I don’t think that is going to happen this weekend. I combed one of them a bit last night while watching TV but I got fed up with it after a while. I will show you how I got on with them in another post and tell you more about them as well.

Positively Perfect dolls by Funrise




  1. Quite a variety!, thanks for the I.D. on the Sparkle doll ,body type looks like one from a lot I plan on donating after I dress her. I got an AA big headed ballerina that I was going to body doner for a Disney doll but decided after dressing her she might blend well w/other bid head dolls. I didn’t have a spare tutu so put her in a Jem dress for now. I re-bodied two Mary Kate and Ashley heads, this is like the second time those skipper body necks are bad for that so I tried articulated Barbie’s instead. I seem to be using the same dresses you do to re-dress nude dolls.

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    • They are probably coming from the same factory in China. They are very cheap for Op Shop dolls although I do feel bad about the wages of the people who make them.


  2. dk, I just got some stuff from Germany, a really cheap custom head/celeb, everyone getting on the mini-stuff wagon it seems. Also getting some stuff from more local that could be Asian but bought in bulk, repackaged then offered on-line. Funny thing happened to me, one on-line bought item/Takara Jenny doll, actually had the address of the person who lives across the street from me, (now I know why she has so many boxes in her garage).

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