Op Shop Dolls: Sunday Fixer Uppers

This weekend seemed like a good time to get to work on a new bunch of Op Shop dolls. A few have come in recently and we tidied the back room again and found a few more that had probably been put aside when I wasn’t there or by other volunteers who don’t always save them for me. It’s the usual mixed bag, most of them just need a light clean and their hair tidied up. Here they are plus a couple that were already here.

The dolls and a horse ready to be cleaned.

The baby at the back is a Berenguer Lots To Love baby. She was in such nice condition I nearly didn’t bring her home at all but I thought that a wash wouldn’t hurt her. She had a couple of marks on her legs that washed off and I will wash her little outfit. Berenguer make very nice dolls and if I were keeping any of this lot this would be the one.

Lots To Love by Berenguer.

I decided to do the easiest jobs first, the baby, the horse which only needed a wash, even the mane wasn’t tangled. Then I moved on to the fashion dolls as they don’t take long to clean.

Fashion dolls ready for their baths.

Their hair was in varying stages of crazy but I’ve had worse. As you can see we have another one of these Sparkle Girlz. They must be very popular as I get a lot of these to fix. There is also another Steffi Love, non-pregnant this time. Simba makes good quality dolls so I always enjoy doing up a Steffi. The only one I had real trouble with was a clone doll which was really cheaply made. Her hair was tangled and with these really cheap dolls no matter how carefully you try to comb it hanks of it come out.

While the fashion dolls were drying I tackled two other small dolls. One is Dora the Explorer with a fabric body.

Fabric body Dora and a vinyl baby Dora/

The other one is all vinyl and looked like a younger Dora which it turned out she was. Little Dora only needed a wash as do her clothes. Big Dora I didn’t want to get soaked so I washed her hair and later on I may sponge her down and trim loose threads from her. Otherwise, she will be fine.

There were a couple of Bratz dolls too but I decided to leave them as they have no feet. I’m hoping that I might come across some for them later. Then it was on to the larger dolls

This next one has been knocking around the shop for some months. I did her a while ago although I can’t recall if I wrote about her. She didn’t sell and has been on the floor and messed up by kids so when Karen tidied the toy area last week she picked her out and she’s back with me for another go round. Her hair is not as bad as last time but it still annoys me to have to clean dolls that have been messed up in the shop. I can’t get any clothes that I have on her as her head is too big and her feet are joined together. I think she must have been some kind of dance or exercise doll. She doesn’t appear to do anything now.

I think she was meant to dance or exercise.

Then it was time to start on the larger dolls. I thought that this blonde doll was a big Kelly as she was marked Mattel but I could not find her searching for Kelly so I changed my search and found that she is Lil Miss Magic Hair circa 1989. Apparently, her hair has a colour change feature but I’m not sure if it is still working. Her hair was badly tangled and it took me a very long time to comb out the tangles before washing and conditioning it and combing it again.

Mattel Lil Miss Magic Hair 1989

By the time I had finished with her and set her down to dry it was getting dark so I decided to leave the remaining two dolls until next time so they will be in the next post along with the finished dolls from today.




  1. Always fun to read your posts about the dolls you clean and restore. I think that Berenguer baby doll is waving at you and calling your name. 🙂 He wants to stay! Wowza, that doll with the pink and blonde hair has humongous feet! Or I guess I should say humongous shoes. It’s great that you take the time and effort to fix these dolls.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am quite tempted by that baby but she will probably be the first one to sell. I haven’t managed to figure out what the point of those huge shoe/feet are. Very impractical anyway.


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