Fashion Doll Friday: Paul in Motorway Man & Sindy in Country Walk

Today we have a Friday Couple. Pedigree Paul wearing “Motorway Man” and Sindy in “Country Walk”. This Paul has been featured in Fashion Doll Friday before but the original post from 2015 didn’t show his car coat which I acquired later or his Chelsea boots. In any case, the photo had become unavailable due to the changes in my Flickr stream. I had another photo of him wearing it but frankly, I didn’t think it was a very good one so it was time for a do-over. I have shown Sindy in this outfit before too. She is my childhood Sindy and therefore my favourite so I decided to include her to show how well these outfits go together.

As the weather was dull and wet these were taken in my kitchen. Sindy and Paul look particularly British here. This was in the days when boyfriend and girlfriend had an outfit that matched or coordinated with each other. I think that was a lot more fun for kids to play with. Ringo the dog also makes an appearance today.

There were a couple of different versions of “Motorway Man”, the original outfits were made in the UK or Ireland but later ones were made in Hong Kong and the trousers and jacket are a lighter colour. I think this is the Made in Hong Kong version.



  1. I had not heard about the matching outfits for Sindy & Paul before this. They are a cute couple, especially in those outfits. Paul’s car coat looks toasty warm. It’s always a pleasure to see your Sindy and Paul dolls – thanks for showcasing them.

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    • Paul had quite a nice little wardrobe when he was released. Not as extensive as Sindy but he had a smart suit, a jacket, beach wear of course and medical student to go with Sindy’s nurse plus a few other things that meant that he could go somewhere other than beaches and balls with Sindy.


  2. What a delightful duo! Love the coordinating turtlenecks and “Harris” tweed bottoms. They look ready for a brisk walk with Ringo.

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  3. Brilliant pairing, I wish they had a riding outfit for Paul. I only have a riding outfit for Sindy and her horse, but as she is the older one and he’s a later one they don’t quite “match at any rate. Still looking for this guy. Fun post.

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  4. So unfair! Maybe I can see if any of the Littlechap women have something, I’ve borrowed Lisa’s coat loads of times for the 12 inch gals or even guys,hey a coat is a coat. I think I’ve finally won the older version, so may steal a wranglers outfit for him till I can find him some proper clothes.


  5. certainly the western form or even a rodeo verses the proper English type. I only have under shirts so far in the older Paul’s size maybe Jeans. I may be getting a clone as he is said to be smaller.I did have Mary-Kate and Ashley riding outfit but maybe even clone is too big? I have Ken’s referee outfit and different trainers Skipper or Kid Kore size.


  6. They are so adorable together! I’m glad you included Sindy, she’s so cute, she just makes you want to be young again and going on a date with some guy named Paul lol


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