Fashion Doll Friday: Sindy Clone

Today’s Friday Girl is a Sindy/Tammy clone who belongs to Naomi. I think she is very pretty and quite well made. She is marked “made in Hong Kong” on her back. This doll was previously featured a couple of years ago in our series “Vintage Visitors” 




  1. She is very charming with her tousled hair, large eyes, pert nose and cupid’s bow mouth. I enjoy seeing your dolls from different eras.

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  2. the eyes are similar on the elly-may doll eye-lashes and eyebrows the neck is similar but face/hair different ,it’s a puzzle.

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  3. I would love to find any of the Sindy-Tammy-Penny Brite dolls and their clones. You can’t hardly find them on Amazon (U.S.). I found 2 Charisma Penny Brite dolls about 10 years ago, I wish I had bought 1 of each at the doll shop had, but my wallet wasn’t cooperating. I think the one blonde with the white floral dress is great. I wish a few dresses like that for my dolls. I have been puzzled about the bumps on the back of the dolls too, thinking it was part of the logo/doll maker trade mark, but I think I know what it really is now after looking at the one picture better. A little background, in 1979 I had been doing cashiering jobs and decided that the pay was better doing factory work , assembling mainly. I went to work at a small factory in Chelsea, Michigan who had a large contract with Chrysler’s Mopar division and plastic molding machines. They had 2 specialty contracts for plastic artificial knee caps and artificial eye balls ( you read correctly, eye balls) and 2 other plastic molding machines that made various parts. I ran one for really small plastic discs and I was required to make sure they molded properly, didn’t run out of plastic and to trash duds, check for excessive “flashing”. That is extra plastic around the edges of a product that need trimming. When the parts come out of the mold, it often leaves bumps and they need to be trimmed off. It is very clear that the pointy part looks like where the plastic came out of the holes in the mold, they get injected out of the mold. I think because these factories are so heavily mass producing 1000’s of cheaper toys, that they are shipped without much quality control or any at all and that’s why people find so many clone dolls with the bumps. That’s my opinion any way. I see “flash” on so many toys, since we seem to be a plastic generation, it’s on most items you can buy.

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    • That’s very interesting and not something you would know unless you worked with plastics. I had wondered if some dolls had molded plastic bras with holes that fitted over the back bumps . I had seen smaller dolls that had that but no idea if it was ever done with fashion dolls. I think you are quite right about the mass production and quality control. I can recall many sixties toys with very obvious bits of plastic rims at joins.


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