Fashion Doll Friday: Spin Master Liv 2009

Our Friday girl this week is an Op Shop doll who came home with a bunch of others. She is one of the Liv dolls by Spin Master. She is the first Liv that I have handled and I quite like her acrylic eyes and articulation. They seem very well made. Unfortunately, she came without her wig so unless I come across a cheap one to fit her she will be going back to the shop without it too. I am not sure which Liv she is so if anyone knows please let me know. Her eyes are more hazel than blue. Liv dolls were made for about three years from 2009 and I gather that the later ones did not have full articulation.

As she came home nude she went to the doll Op Shop where I actually found a pair of genuine Liv pants that were part of a bunch of clothes I brought home from the shop on another occasion. Funnily enough, I had been thinking of putting these pants on her before I realised what they were. Her jacket was something I had lying around from my own spares and while it fits and looks OK on her I’d like to find a T-Shirt to go underneath it before she goes back. If I were keeping this doll I’d definitely try to get her a proper wig and yes I am tempted.




  1. She looks great in her outfit. I have two of these dolls in my collection, Sophie and Daniela. I think yours could be Hayden or Katie but I’m not 100%. Sophie has pale blue eyes and Daniela’s are dark brown. I bought both of mine from charity (Op) shops and luckily they both came with their wigs. I have swapped them and they also look good in different colours. They made beautiful “Snow Queen” and “Snow Princess” when I was doing a photo shoot in the snow. I always look forward to Fashion on Friday to see who it will be.

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    • I did wonder if she was Sophie but wasn’t sure because she doesn’t have blue eyes. I thought she must have been blonde because her painted hair is yellow. They really are nice dolls aren’t they?


      • Yes they are. I’ve just took a photo of Sophie entitled” Never leave home without your lipstick” She’s looking into a mirror with a small Avon sample lipstick. It’s not quite the correct scale but when I got the lipstick, straight away I thought of the dolls. It is so difficult to get a shot using a mirror without getting your fingers and camera in the shot. It happened when I did Snow White doing “Who is the fairest of them all?”


  2. She might be Haden the blonde w/ green eyes. Even though she’s a 2010 issue I think the heads were still 2009 as I have a blonde w/ green eyes marked 2009.The only Liv series doll I have marked 2010 is Jake. I have two Asian knock-offs w/ no marks. They fit the Ken knock off and Cher stuff great. Even though I have more heads than bodies they adapted well to a Maxie and Lovely Patsy re-body. I love them because the sit a horse well.


  3. you should be pretty sure you don’t care for the doner body these hard heads eat the stems right off a Barbie. They don’t really slide on the hard necks too well. I use something I have extra’s of ,so far Maxie is my favorite but I have a bendee type one as well the neck should fit. Custom needlecraft hats are so fun for these real need for wigs.

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    • It felt very hard. I probably wouldn’t try it as I may not come across another Liv in a long time. As she will go back to the shop she will go back wig less. They cost too much for me to get one to put on a doll that will probably be sold for $2.


  4. I put a brunette Liv head on a vintage Barbie body looks great, The vintage head is damaged, I’m trying that liquid fusion stuff I saw on you-tube for fixing splits in vinyl heads.I had to order it from on-line as my local Joann’s & Michaels were out. If it works on the head splits by the hair seam I’ll try it on the chin splits too.

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  5. ouch, so far so good the chin split seems to be holding, the hair to scalp tear is bigger/ having to hold together w/o touching the solution.It is a repro head so pretty soft.


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