A Magical Fashion Shoot

As promised here are Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger out of uniform. I wanted to see what clothing would fit them so today I tried on a few things I thought might be close. I thought that Pepper and Patch’s clothes would be too loose and Stacie’s are too short. I tried them with clothes belonging to Skipper and Cricket and while they are not “just right” they are not too bad.

Ginny and Hermione go on holidays.


Shoes are a problem. When are shoes not a problem? The girls have nice, well-shaped calves and feet but their feet are too wide for Skipper’s shoes. I wondered what I could put on them and then I thought of trying a pair of Sindy shoes. I found that the kitten-heeled shoes that the older Sindy’s and Tammy wear fit fairly well. The girls’ own shoes are a bit loose without their socks. I had Ginny wear a pair of stockings that I had bought from Ellasdolls and hadn’t used yet with the Sindy shoes; that worked quite well.


These are two of the dresses that came with Cricket and while they are a bit loose, they fit Hermione and Ginny fairly well. The length is about right and the girls are not broad across the shoulders so the dresses do up. Hermione is having some trouble with a slipping shoulder.

The girls are wearing the same top here. It’s a tagged Cricket top and I assumed it was meant to do up at the front but then I wondered how it would look reversed with the green border tucked in as lining. Not bad I think.  Below Ginny is wearing Cricket’s blue and white dress which makes her look a little like a girl in an Edwardian story I think. You can see the stockings and shoes she borrowed quite well in this photo.

Ginny in a Cricket fashion

Hermione looks good in red and she looks very natural in photos although I think that she is probably a bit more smiley than the Hermione of the books and films. Here she is wearing Cricket’s jacket with a pair of hand-sewn red pants. These came with the birthday lot but I don’t think I showed them. The pants are a bit loose and a bit short but by wearing them on the hip they don’t look too bad.

Hermione in homemade red pants and a Cricket jacket.

Finally, here is Ginny wearing a tagged Skipper coat over her summer dress. I wouldn’t normally put red on a redhead but as Ginny is more auburn than ginger she gets away with it.

Ginny in a Skipper coat

I’d like to try the girls in some other fashions when I get something I think will fit them as they do look nice out of their school uniforms especially Hermione. Another time I might try them in modern Skipper or Petite Barbie fashions or even HSM if I had any. I also think that they might be able to wear the skirts and dresses from Monster High/ Everafter High as other collectors online have commented on the similarity in some of the body parts. This one is my favourite photos of Hermione from today’s session.

Hermione with her cat


  1. Wow, stunners..your pics highlight these gals. Haven’t got Hermione yet but if she can wear skipper stuff horrah ! I have my Cricket in a Takara Jenny outfit, wonder how that might work. The shoes were too big but maybe that might mean it might fit them?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think someone commented that Licca would fit. I haven’t got a modern Stacie, I think she is taller than the old one so she might work too. My Stacie is Gymnast Stacie so she is very slim and even the Stacie dress I have doesn’t fit well on her. I haven’t tried my modern Skipper clothes either. They are very small in the upper body, narrow shoulders and small waists but well developed legs and wide feet.


  2. Oh what fun it must be to experiment with fashions for the girls of Hogwarts! I particularly like Ginny in the royal blue frock and red coat. I’m glad I got her.

    Liked by 1 person

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