Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Ginny Weasley 2018

Our Friday girl today is Ginny Weasley from the Harry Potter series. You will recall that Naomi gave me Ginny as part of my Christmas present. I haven’t done much with either Ginny or Hermione up to now so as I have a bit of a cold and plan on staying in this weekend I thought it would be a good opportunity to play with them.  I like Ginny’s rather serious look and that her hair is rather more manageable than Hermione’s “big hair” look. I do have a soft spot for “gingers” as I’ve mentioned before.

More of Ginny and Hermione soon.



  1. She’s my very most favorite, I did upgrade her to a Francie size articulated body so she could retain her clothing but have some fun week-end togs too. Plus I needed someone for my 12″ Harry. I’m using a Belle/Emma Watson for Ron.I love thesearticulated bodies as I’d gladly sit Ginny on a horse, ,Unicorn or even Dragon.


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    • I’ve been trying some other clothes on her and Hermione to see what fits. Those girls have big feet but I discovered that vintage Sindy/Tammy court shoes fit.


  2. She’s a very pretty doll. I’m not familiar with the characters as I’ve never read the books or seen any of the films. I also like gingers. I was born ginger myself but it soon went blonde, and I’m still blonde. My 20 year old son has been a lovely shade of ginger since birth and one of his favourites of my dolls is Marie, she has flame red hair. Always look forward to the Fashion on Fridays. I’m going to an air show on Sunday which also has nice gardens there so I’ll be taking a few dolls with me!

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  3. That’s the plan. The weather is supposed to be OK. If I get anything good, I’ll forward a few. Sometimes I have a vision of how I want a picture to look but it doesn’t always work. It often depends on what the dolls can “do” hence the articulated ones are used a lot!

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  4. Yes, I’d love to do a beach theme too, but although I live in the small island of the UK, I live in the most inland part, it’s over three hours drive to the coast so not something easily done in a day.

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  5. I can imagine, when you think of the size of the big countries. I did get to that air show yesterday armed with five dolls and a couple of stands. The kind man with the model aeroplanes allowed me to pose Action Man near a Spitfire and then put him in the cockpit for me. It caused quite a bit of interest, lots of people recognised Action Man. (He’s the 1976 one with gripping hands and moving eagle eyes.) The model aircraft were 1:6 scale – perfect. I also had Hasbro Sindy & Paul dressed as a bride and groom and got some lovely shots in the gardens. Barbie and Grandma also enjoyed the grounds and Barbie saw a Peacock open it’s feathers! Grandma has also been pictured with some old vehicles. I had great fun. Sorry for the long post, I get quite enthusiastic about dolls, especially fellow like minded doll collectors. It’s good to know there are lots of us around.


    • It sounds like a great day out and I’m sure Action Man was much admired. I believe there are collecting groups for him now. Although I’m happy to chat to people about doll collecting I get uncomfortable with people looking at me so I’m not sure how I’d react to people watching me do doll photography. Maybe I should try it and see.


  6. I’m usually so engrossed in what I’m doing that I’m totally unaware of anyone watching me, hubby told me people usually watch and then walk away after I’ve taken the shot (their curiosity satisfied!) I only started doing outside shoots last year, I wouldn’t have dared when I first started collecting, I just find my imagination running away with me. I’ll just see something and think yes, that will make a good photo! (I’m just a kid at heart who never grew up! lol)

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    • my brother is a photographer so I’m used to all kinds of events/scenes etc..he does loads of beach stuff. Even living 20 minutes from the beach is no guarantee of me getting there more than once a year..thinking of puyying some sand in my bunny trails to work up a scene.Don’t know where the lifeguard chair came from/just random e-bay.I did donate a mib Teresa bay-watch doll to a secret santa 2 years ago. might look for some red suits and nick one or two bay watch dolls if I can.

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