Fashion Doll Friday: Sindy in Shopping in the Rain

Apologies for putting this post up late today. I had several lots of people viewing the house today so yesterday was all about cleaning and this morning I had to take Cindy (the dog) out while the people were here. The weather has been absolutely dreadful, raining nearly all day apart from a brief spell which I used to take Cindy for a walk, the rest of the time we sheltered at a nearby school. It’s holiday time so there was nobody there. However, the inclement weather did give me an idea for today’s post.

Our Friday Girl is one of my blonde Sindy’s wearing “Shopping in the Rain”. I’m pretty sure I’ve shown this before but this time Sindy is actually out in the rain. It stopped for long enough for me to take her outside and pose her near a big puddle. It looks like night but this was actually taken a bit after 4pm, it gets dark pretty early at present and especially when it is wet like this. It was pretty cold too so Sindy and I did not stay out any longer than it took to shoot a few pictures.



  1. Brilliant photos and Sindy is wearing the perfect outfit for it too. The main challenge is not getting anything wet (yourself, Sindy and the camera!) I haven’t attempted a rain shoot (yet) however this is very inspiring.

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  2. Smart and elegant ensemble. Especially appreciated here in New York where we wear a lot of black (and had record rainfall thispast Spring). Thanks for taking the time to post amidst your busy schedule and best wishes regarding your home.

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