Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Octopussy 2010

Today’s Friday Girl is a rerun due to lack of time and poor lighting conditions for doll photography today. She is Octopussy from the James Bond film of the same name played by actress Maud Adams.

Angelica, or Angie as we usually call her was first featured back in 2013 and again in December of 2016 when she appeared with her friend Tyrone, Naomi’s Twilight Jasper. I will try to take some new photos of Angie in the near future as I think she is very striking.



  1. Angelica is a very beautiful, striking doll and looks great in the other outfits as well. She has attitude! I remember seeing the film (many) years ago. She is a good likeness to Maud Adams. (Not all dolls of real people look much like who they are meant to be.)

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  2. She is still one I seek on my wish-list. She has always looked like what I think not only a first lady or modern royal should look but a female president as well. A certain public personality with class. Love to see her in suits and designer or celebrity red carpet..I wouldn’t limit her to a scene w/ a Roger Moore bond but pair her w/ any/all Bonds as she is timeless. Love this lovely doll!

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