Op Shop Dolls: Same Sized Friends

As the weather was looking dodgy again today and I didn’t fancy a walk to Geeveston I decided that I should get on with fixing up a few more Op Shop dolls. I still have another Positively Perfect doll to do but she is currently waiting for her inked on eyeliner to fade away so I turned my attention to some smaller dolls.

When I get Kelly sized dolls I tend to wait until I have a batch of fashion dolls to do rather than just do an odd one. Today’s rescues are from two or three different batches that I’ve had around the house. I’m going to call them Kelly clones because most of them are the same size and have the same face sculpt as the older Kelly dolls rather than the newer Chelsea, or whatever Mattel are calling her this week.

I also had a Barbie and an adult clone doll on hand so they will be included with this batch. Here are the girls before I started work.

A group of Kelly sized dolls

As you can see there is not a great deal wrong with them. They are pretty clean and most have clothing. There is just a lot of crazy hair going on. As I got them ready for their baths I had a look to see if there were markings. Three of them appear to be the same brand but they are unmarked. Their hair is rather sparse and one has had a serious hair cut. I think they are all going to have to have ponytails to hide the bald parts. The little blue-haired girl is similar but has a sturdier body and does not have the printed on panties that the other dolls have.

The brunette is also a more sturdy doll. she has moulded on shoes and is marked “made in China” on the back of her neck. The other blonde is also marked “made in China” but on her back. This one does look a lot like Kelly. Now that Mattel no longer uses this face sculpt perhaps they sold the mould to one of the Chinese toy manufacturers. The sad-eyed girl with curly hair I know I have seen before but she is only marked “made in China”.

The other small doll is a McDonald’s toy. She is marked Spin Master 2012 and McDonalds. She has a TNT waist and jointed arms but not legs. Her clothes are moulded plastic. Her hat appears to be moulded on. I did not try to remove it. She has been inked so she will be joining the other inked dolls on the window sill shortly.

Spin Master McDonalds

It didn’t take long to get all the dolls hair washed and conditioned and as I write they are drying off. I gave most of them a quick dip in boiling water as that hair would not lie down flat. After I’ve had my lunch I’ll tidy and redress the ones that have clothing.

After washing.

Well, here we are a bit later on and the dolls are dry and dressed, except for one who needs an outfit. Here are the two adults. Barbie did not need a lot of work but I did rinse a lot of pink out of her hair. I think someone may have been trying to do a colour change on her. The other doll I think was probably a Snow White doll. I’ve had these oddly shaped dolls before and the trouble with them is that their hair comes out in hanks every time you try to comb it. I tried not to comb this one too much so it is a little wavy. Their outfits are courtesy of the doll op shop.

Barbie and Snow White

I had enough dresses for all but one of the little girls. Several of the dresses were made of that papery material and I had to take the dolls heads off to remove them. I tied their hair back, it’s still a bit sparse looking but it’s tidy.

Kelly clones

I had a little dress for the brunette doll which is a bit big for her but will do for now. I may knit her something else as I have to make a dress for the other doll anyway. Here they are with the other girls.

Kelly clones




  1. I have a few of these dolls..They came in a bag of fairy themed dolls at a swap meet.The stout girl I think is a Sparkle Girlz, mine is auburn w/ a blue top/pink bottom dress w/ a rose on front and wings sewn to the back of the dress. The clones were each in a dress matching their hair.there were two plastic wings no longer attatched to a doll so presume it popped out of the hole in one of their backs.the funny thing is I have purple wings but no purple doll.The legs of the Snow White looking gal look like Steffie Loves.The other/mattel moulded costume is similar to ballet or mermaid dols I gave away to nieces as their brother couldn’t loose the clothes.I often just slip a matching hair scrunchie on them to style them as ballerinas.Looks like a fun lot! I’m sure they will quickly find new homes.


    • I forgot to mention that one doll had two little knobs on her back, possibly for wings.
      I know I’ve had dolls like Snow White before but I don’t think they are Simba as they are not marked and they are not as well made as Steffi.
      The Barbie I figured was probably a princess or dancer . Luckily I had a skirt that went with her top. I could have looked her up but was keen to get the post finished.


  2. The brunette “kelly” with the molded on shoes is a walmart brand Sparkle Mini Girlz doll. I have a few those they are fairly well made, though the molded/painted on shoes, don’t thrill me too much, but otherwise I really like the Sparkle Girlz doll line. The one doll in the middle of the 3 Kelly clones ( this picture shows a purple haired doll on the end) looks like a clone doll I got at a dollar store/dollar tree store a few years ago. Mine had a very thin plastic.

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    • The brunette is quite well made. I’m not a huge fan of moulded on shoes either but for such a small doll perhaps not such a bad idea as they are the first thing that get lost. We don’t have Walmart but I have seen Sparkle Girlz larger dolls here. I think Target sellls them.


    • I know, I’ve seen a couple of these fashion dolls with really weird legs. No idea why they made them like that. I know Spin Master made Live so wondered if those little McDonalds dolls had anything to do with Liv.


  3. They did, the kids meal toys are exact replicas of the live dolls which is awesome as kids swap out clothes so much it is nice to see what the correct outfit looked like. I would live finding one of these at an op shoppe as they make great mini displays and are quite well made.I got a Barbie version of the moulded on clothes one w/ a doll-house at a garage sale thisweek-end. She has a really(shorter than a mini) skirt that makes me think they are either dancers or super heros. I imagine all these dolls have sold at the op shoppe?


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