Fashion Doll Friday: Nicole Miller Macy’s City Shopper Barbie 1996

Today’s Friday Girl is Macy’s City Shopper Barbie designed by Nicole Miller. I bought her from eBay USA in the late 90s or early 2000s as a nude doll. I didn’t know who she was at the time. I like her original outfit and wish I’d got it with her but I’d probably have given it to another doll if I’d bought it.

You will have seen Gina at least once before in a fashion shoot post. I thought that I had featured her before this but I don’t appear to have used her as a Friday Girl before today.

Gina has the TNT body but with articulated arms. I liked her auburn hair although it’s got so much product on it it’s like a helmet. I’m not quite brave enough to wash it out. Maybe one day. She is wearing a Fashion Avenue outfit from the Charm series of 2000 called Evening Bouquet
City Shopper Barbie//



  1. WOW Macy’s city shopper is so beautiful. I love her hair color and eye color! So unique. I will look for one to buy for my own collection. Thanks for sharing. Also her original outfit was very nice!

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  2. I’m getting one sans most of the outfit, maybe the coat. boxed ones way out of my price range.i want her as a possible nancy drew for my hardy boys.i love her eyes like she has the exact clue to solve the mystery.i think with her slim figure/body-type I can try some knock-off clothes that look similar to my boys.

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    • She would probably make a good Nancy Drew, she does have an intelligent expression. Most boxed dolls from the 90s are getting very expensive now. I am lucky to have started collecting 20 years ago when it was more manageable.


  3. Exactly, if I didn’t have better access I’d never fins anything on my wish-list, or be able to replace clothing. As it is I loose more and more auctions due to prices. I did get the outfit but strangely enough it looks better on repro-Midge, and I put the coat on another smaller body W/ all the layers/bulk of the fabric it makes the gal look plus sized.(Which I love in their own clothing..easier to dress/etc..) With my arthritis this bulky fabric w/ no give was harder to manage.It is gorgeous. (I think it would look amazing on my AA Holiday doll.)

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